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Cheat GTA vice city PC

Cheat Effect
CATSANDDOGS Stormy Weather
ABITDRIEG Dense Clouds
ALOVELYDAY Sunny/Clear Weather
LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS Sportscars have big wheels
WHEELSAREALLINEED Only the wheels of a car are visible
SEAWAYS Cars can drive/hover over water
GREENLIGHT All traffic lights are green
AHAIRDRESSERSCAR All cars are pink
MIAMITRAFFIC Aggressive Drivers
BIGBANG Blow up nearby cars
RUBBISHCAR Spawn a Trashmaster
ROCKANDROLLCAR Spawn Love Fist's Limo
THELASTRIDE Spawn a Romero's Hearse
GETTHEREFAST Spawn a Sabre Turbo
GETTHEREQUICKLY Spawn a Bloodring Banger #2
TRAVELINSTYLE Spawn a Bloodring Banger
PANZER Spawn a Rhino
ONEARMEDBANDIT Play as Phil Cassidy
WELOVEOURDICK Play as Love Fist character (Dick)
ROCKANDROLLMAN Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent)
MYSONISALAWYER Play as Ken Rosenberg
LOOKLIKELANCE Play as Lance Vance
PROGRAMMER Gives Tommy girly arms/legs
CERTAINDEATH Makes you smoke a cigarette
FANNYMAGNET Ladies Man, Women Follow You
LEAVEMEALONE Decrease Wanted Level
ASPIRINE Full Health
NUTTERTOOLS All ''heavy'' weapons
PROFESSIONALTOOLS All ''medium'' weapons
THUGSTOOLS All ''light'' weapons
BOOOOOORING Makes everything slower
ONSPEED Makes everything faster
LIFEISPASSINGMEBY Speed up game clock
CHASESTAT Shows Media Level (when 2+ stars)
AIRSHIP Fast boats can fly for short periods of time

Cara Bermain pokemon crystal gba


Here we go then. First of all, head downstairs and speak to your mom. She?ll
give you your Pokegear. It can?t do much right now, but it?s capabilities grow
over time. Head outside and enter the building to the left. This is Professor
Elm?s lab. Speak to him, and he?ll ask you fetch something for him from a
colleague (Mr. Pokemon) of his. He?ll then give you a choice of three starting
Pokemon for your travels. Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. The best choice
for beginners is either Cyndaquil or Totodile. Cyndaquil is weaker in the
first gym, but after that, he?s a great all round Pokemon. Totodile is average
in the first gym and good in the other gyms. Chikorita is poor in the majority
of gyms. Choose whichever Pokemon you want (in the end, it all comes down to
preference), and receive a Potion from Elm?s Aide before you leave.

Head west out of New Bark Town.


Fight wild Pokemon to level up your starter, but be careful. If your HP drops
too low, run from wild battles until you heal your Pokemon at the nearest

Take the Berry from the plant in the south-west before continuing. After
you?ve done so, proceed west.


First, speak to the man at the entrance. He?ll give you a tour, and at the end
of it, he?ll hand over a Map Card for your Poke Gear. Next, heal your Pokemon
at the Pokecenter if you need to, otherwise walk on and head north.


Be careful about battling; head back to the Pokecenter if need be. Try to
avoid using Berries for now, as you?ll need them more later. Speaking of
Berries, grab one from the plant next to a house along this route. Then head
inside the house, and speak to the guy in there for another.

Continue to head north, and head up the right path when you are faced with a
choice; the left path is blocked by some kids participating in a Pokemon

Keep walking north until you reach Mr. Pokemon?s house.

Enter, and you?ll find both Mr. Pokemon and Professor Oak. You?ll be given a
Pokedex by Oak, and a Pokemon egg by Mr. Pokemon. Leave Mr. Pokemon?s house,
and you?ll receive a phone call from Elm. Something bad has happened, and he
needs you to return. Head south, and battle some wild Pokemon. If you need to,
use the Pokecenter in Cherrygrove City, and then battle some more. You need to
have your starter Pokemon at about level 7 by the time you leave Cherrygrove
via the east exit.


Attempt to leave Cherrygrove, and you?ll meet a red-haired trainer, who?ll
challenge you to a Pokemon battle. He?ll have one of the starter Pokemon, and
it will always be the one yours is weak to. However, it won?t know any moves
other than a basic Normal type one, so you don?t need to worry about type
matchups. Defeat it by simply using Tackle/Scratch repeatedly. When you win,
the trainer will rush off.


Head east back to New Bark Town.


Enter Elm?s lab, and you?ll find that the red-haired trainer you battled had
broke in and stole one of Elm?s Pokemon (the one he battled you with). You
have the opportunity to name your rival, so choose a name you want. After
that, give Elm the Pokemon Egg, and then leave. Before you do though, Elm?s
Aide will give you some Poke Balls.

Now head west once again.


Battle some wild Pokemon, and catch a few if you like. If you do decide to do
some training here, remember to use the Pokecenter in Cherrygrove when needed.

You might want toalso head to the route to the north, Route 46. You won?t get
far, but wild Geodude and Spearow can be found in the small patches of grass
there. Spearow is nothing too special, but Geodude is a huge help at such an
early stage in the game. Even if you don?t want to have it as a long-term
Party member, catch one (female, if you get the chance; you?ll see why later)
and raise it for the time being. It proves to be incredibly useful against
most types you?ll be facing soon. Crystal players can also search here at
morning to find wild Phanpy. It?s not as useful as Geodude, but it?s still a
good Pokemon in it?s own right, and it proves to be a more useful Pokemon
later in the game, so if you?re looking for a Pokemon to raise in the long
run, consider Phanpy.

When you?re done, head to Cherrygrove.


Enter the Pokemart, and buy some more Pokeballs. A few Potions will also prove

Head north.


Head north until you reach the fork in the path. This time, head left. The
path is clear, so proceed north. You?ll encounter Pokemon trainers now, so be
careful. Their Pokemon are weak, but because there are many, they can wear you
down. Remember to use the Pokecenter in Cherrygrove.

Continue, making your way through the groups of trainers, until you see a cave
opening. If you need to level up your Pokemon some more, or you want to catch
more Pokemon, enter it. You can?t go anywhere, as it?s pitch black, but if you
walk around, you?ll encounter wild Pokemon. Catch a Geodude (try to get a
female one) if you haven?t got one yet, and start leveling it up. Teddiursa
can be found here in Crystal. Consider raising it. When you?re done in here,
head back outside.

Head west, and after battling Wade, speak to him and get his phone number.
He?ll ring you from time to time and offer you different kinds of Berries.

Now enter Violet City to the west.


Your Geodude should be enough to take out the gym leader in this city, but if
you want some backup, head to the south building, and you?ll find a guy inside
who wants to trade his Onix for a Bellsprout. Even if you don?t want to raise
an Onix, consider this trade anyway, as wild Bellsprout are easier to catch
than wild Onix, so it?s an easier way of adding an Onix to your Pokedex.

Before taking on the gym, head to the north and enter Sprout Tower. It?s a
handy way of leveling up your still young Pokemon.


If it?s night, the first thing you?ll want to do is nab yourself a wild
Gastly. Gastly is an excellent early-game Pokemon to have, as Normal type
attacks do nothing to it.

Either way, scale the tower (finding your way is incredibly easy), and battle
the sages as you go. They all have Bellsprout, so simply send out a Pokemon
that is either strong against them, or at least no weak to them. They?re all
weak, so you?ll have no problems. The last two trainers (including the final
sage, Li) each have a Hoothoot to catch you off guard however, so be careful.

When you?ve beat Li, he?ll give you HM05 (Flash), which lights up dark
caverns. In battle, it lowers the opponent?s accuracy, but it doesn?t work
often enough to warrant giving to a Pokemon you use often. Teach it to
a ?throwaway? Pokemon that you don?t battle with, and use it only to explore
caves. You can?t use it yet however; you need a badge to use it.

Leave Sprout Tower via the Escape Rope next to Li.


Head to the gym.

The gym leader here is Falkner, and he specializes in Flying type Pokemon.
Contrary to popular belief, Cyndaquil is not the best starter for this gym, as
all of the Pokemon here know Mud Slap, a Ground type attack that is super-
effective against Fire types. The best type to use here is by far the Rock
type. Use Geodude and/or Onix. They are also weak to Ground type attacks, but
their defense is high enough to counter that. The best attack to use is Rock
Slide, which Geodude learns at level 11.

Falconer?s two underlings pose next to no challenge, so you?ll breeze past
them. Falkner is a bit trickier, but he won?t stand up to a Geodude (or any
other well raised Pokemon). He has a L7 Pidgey, and a L9 Pidgeotto. He?s
certainly not as tough as Brock was in R/B/Y. Any strong Pokemon will make
short work of his Flyers.

When beaten, Falkner will give you the Zephyr Badge, which raises the attack
of your Pokemon, and allows them to use HM05 (Flash) outside of battle. He?ll
also give you TM31 (Mud Slap). This is a good attack that does both damage and
reduces the opponent?s accuracy. Teach it to a Ground type you plan on using

When you leave the gym, you?ll get a call from Elm. He?ll ask you to meet his
Aide in the Pokemon Center. Do so, and you?ll receive the Pokemon Egg again.
Make space for it in your party, and walk around with it on your travels until
it hatches into a Togepi (this takes some time; don?t bother wandering around
Violet aimlessly until it hatches, as it takes too long). Togepi is, to be
quite blunt, crap, even when it evolves, so once it hatches, and is added to
your Pokedex, deposit it and never use it.

If you?re playing Crystal, and you want an Electric type in your party, you
might want to strongly consider trading with a friend who owns another
version. Mareep is not found anywhere in Crystal, and it?s a very long time
until you find any other Electric types.

It?s now time to continue onwards with your travels. Head south.


A guy on this route will give you a Miracle Seed when you pass him, which
boosts Grass type attacks. Continue south, and battle the trainers as you go.
Wooper can be found in the grass, which is well worth raising. It?s odd type
mix (Water/Ground) means it has only one weakness; Grass. Hoppip, the
Grass/Flying type can also be found here, and is good at using annoyer-like
tactics (i.e. stalling for time while the opponent steadily loses HP). After
you?ve battled Ralph, speak to him again, and he?ll give you his number. He?ll
ring you later and tell you of a swarm of Quilfish. Enter the Pokecenter at
the end of this route, and a fishing guru inside will give you an Old Rod.
Unlike the Old Rod in R/B/Y, it can catch Pokemon other than Magikarp. If you
fish in the water close by, you might find a Tentacool.

Enter the cave at the nearby.


This cave is simple enough; just head south, battling trainers as you go. The
trainers mostly have Rock types, so use Pokemon that can damage them.


Battle Anthony, and speak to him after to get his number. He?ll give you his
number, and later ring you to notify you of Dunsparce swarms.

Head west to Azalea Town.


First of all, head for the building in the south-west. Inside, speak to Kurt,
who?ll tell you that Team Rocket are up to their old tricks again. They?re
hacking tails off Slowpoke for money. He?ll then rush out to stop them. Head
back to the east of town, and go down the well. Kurt has fell and hurt his
back, so you?ll have to take care of Team Rocket yourself. Battle the four
members of Team Rocket using Pokemon that can handle Poison types, which they
commonly use.

When all the Team Rocket members are defeated, you?ll be taken back to Kurt?s
house, and from that point on, he?ll make special kinds of Pokeballs if you
give him Apricorns.

Now, enter the gym. This gym specializes in Bug type Pokemon, and it?s leader
is Bugsy. Geodude/Onix are once again excellent Pokemon to use here. If you
started with Cyndaquil, you?ll be at an advantage. Flying types are also a
help. Make sure your Pokemon are at around level 15 in order to beat Bugsy

The underlings here are incredibly easy, just as you?ve come to expect from
most trainers who use Bug types. Bugsy however, is a different matter. He has
a L14 Metapod, a L14 Kakuna, and a L16 Scyther. His Metapod and Kakuna are
easy enough, but his high level Scyther can devastate an entire party if you
let it run amok with Fury Cutter. Fury Cutter grows stronger with each
consecutive use, so if he uses it too many times, you?ll find that it can KO
most of your Pokemon with one hit. This is where your Geodude/Onix comes in
useful; they are resistant to Bug type attacks. Rock Throw does four times as
much damage to Scyther, taking it down quickly.

When you win, you?ll receive the Hive Badge, which makes all Pokemon up to
level 30 obey you, and allows you to use HM01 (Cut) when you obtain it. He?ll
also give you TM49 (Fury Cutter). Although Bugsy showed this attack is good at
such an early stage in the game, later, it becomes worthless, so only teach it
to a Bug type in dire need of a Bug type attack.

Now you can leave Azalea to the west, but first make sure your Pokemon are
ready for another fight with your rival. His three Pokemon are level 12-16.
He?ll approach you when you?re about to leave, so head to the Pokecenter first
if you want to.

When your rival is defeated, head into the gatehouse, and walk straight
through it.


Make your way through the forest until you see a trainer who?s looking for his
Farfetch?d. Proceed around the forest, and you?ll see the missing Farfetch?d
yourself. Position yourself next to it and press A to startle it and make it
run away. Do this several times and make it run right back to it?s trainer.
Speak to the trainer again, and he?ll give you HM01 (Cut) as thanks. Teach
this to a Pokemon you don?t use regularly, as it?s needed outside of battle,
but poor in battle. Use it to Cut down the shrub near the Farfetch?d trainer,
and make your way around the forest. When you?re faced with a choice of going
up or to the right, head to the right, and follow the path around the corner
to speak to a trainer. He?ll give you TM02 (Headbutt). Headbutt is a good
attack for the time being, so teach it to a Pokemon you use often. Head back
round, and take the other path this time, and follow it round to reach the
exit. Before you leave however, take the time to find some wild Pokemon.
Oddish and Paras can be found by walking around. Both are good Grass types,
especially Oddish. If you headbutt the trees, you can find Exeggcute, a
Grass/Psychic type. Psychic types are very useful, and good Grass types are
rare, so consider getting one.

Exit via the north-west building. Inside, receive TM12 (Sweet Scent) from the
woman behind the counter. Now leave the building via the northern exit.


Lots of interesting Pokemon can be found here. Drowzee and Abra put in
appearances, as well as Ditto. If you want a Psychic type, consider getting a
Drowzee or Abra, as they evolve into very good Pokemon. In Gold or Silver
(referred to hereafter as G/S), catch a spare Drowzee you can trade later. If
you?re playing Crystal, then catch an Abra to trade. You can trade them for
Machop in a bit, which will prove useful in the next gym. Be sure to catch a
Ditto; their ability to breed with anything make them one of the game?s most
useful Pokemon.

Battle a few more trainers, and if you?re playing Crystal, get Todd and Gina?s
numbers. Todd will call you when the Goldenrod Department Store is having a
sale, and Gina will call you to give you a Leaf Stone.

Continue north and you?ll see the daycare. If you?re playing G/S, you can pass
it (you might want to return later though), but if you?re playing Crystal,
enter it, and speak to either the man or woman inside. They?ll give you a
Pokemon egg, which will hatch into a Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Magby,
Smoochum, Elekid, or Tyrogue.

Exit the daycare and proceed north and you?ll come to Goldenrod City.


First of all, head north and then take the first left path. Follow it around
the corner and enter the bike shop at the end. Speak to the guy behind the
counter, and he?ll give you a free bike. The bike allows you to travel at
double your normal speed, so assign it to the select button, in order to
select it faster.

Next head to the radio tower (the huge building on the west of the city). Head
inside and speak to the woman behind the counter. She?ll ask you some simple
questions. Get them all right to win a radio card for your Pokegear.

If you?re playing Crystal, go upstairs to the second floor, and speak to
Buena. She?ll give you a Blue Card. From now on, listen to her show on your
Poke Gear Radio between 6:00pm and midnight, take note of her password, and
then visit her here to receive a point on your Blue Card. Points can be
redeemed for excellent prizes. Here?s the list:

Ultra Ball: 2
Full Restore: 2
Nugget: 3
Rare Candy: 3
Protein: 5
Iron: 5
Carbos: 5
Calcium: 5
HP Up: 5

Now head to the Goldenrod Department Store. There?s nothing special on most
floors, but the fifth floor is selling some good TM?s. Plus, there?s a woman
who can be found here on Sundays, and she gives you either TM27 (Return) or
TM21 (Frustration), depending on whether the first Pokemon in your party likes
or hates you. Also on this floor is a boy who?ll trade his Machop for your
Drowzee (G/S) or Abra (Crystal). If you don?t have many Pokemon that can
handle strong Normal types, then trade with him and level up the Machop. A
Normal type gym is just around the corner.

Now head into one of the small buildings in either the north-west or south-
west of the city. They lead to the Goldenrod City Tunnel. Down here you can
find some trainers to battle, but the highlights are the people behind the
counters. A woman will be at the bottom counter on weekends, and she?ll sell
items that heal or revive Pokemon. They are cheaper than items you?ll find in
a Pokemart, but they taste bitter and will make your Pokemon dislike you, so
only buy items from here if you don?t care about you Pokemon?s emotions (i.e.
if there?s no Pokemon in your party that evolves when it becomes happy, and
there?s no Pokemon in your party that knows Return). The counter above is a
haircut salon. Giving your Pokemon a haircut makes them like you more. It?s
open everyday apart from Mondays, but run by two different people on different
days. It?s run by the younger brother on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, and
the older brother on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The younger brother is
cheaper (300G), but the older brother (who costs 500G) makes your Pokemon a
bit happier. The best counter though is the one at the top of the tunnel. It
is only open from 4:00am to 9:00am on Monday mornings, so you need to wake up
early (or stay up late), but it?s worth it. Here, you can buy trinkets that
don?t do anything in themselves, but they can be sold for a profit at roughly
500-1000G at Pokemarts. If you buy as many items as you can afford here, head
to a Pokemart, sell them all, return with the money you earned, and repeat
this as many times as you can before the shop closes/or until you run out of
patience, you can make an incredible amount of money. This allows you to buy
all the expensive things in the game, such as stat-raising vitamins and enough
coins for Pokemon prizes at Goldenrod/Celadon Game Corners, with minimal
effort to get the money needed.

When you?re done here, head for the Goldenrod gym in the north-east of the

This gym?s leader is Whitney, and she specializes in Normal type Pokemon. No
Pokemon are weak to Normal types, but on the other hand, few Pokemon are
resistant to them, and only one type is super-effective against them; that
type being Fighting. If you leveled up the Machop, you shouldn?t have too many
problems, and if you continued leveling up your Geodude/Onix since the gym in
Azalea Town, you?ll have an even easier time.

The underlings here are nowhere near as tough as Whitney, so don?t get too
confident after beating them. Whitney is a lot tougher. She has a L18 Clefairy
and a L20 Miltank. The Clefairy mostly uses Metronome, which usually poses
little threat, but can be devastating if it gets lucky. The Miltank is a lot
stronger. It uses Attract, which prevents Pokemon of the opposite gender from
attacking 50% of the time. Miltank are always female, so if your
Machop/Geodude/Onix is/are female, you?ll have an easier time. It?s Rollout
attack can be strong however, and it has Milk Drink for when it is low on HP,
so you need to be quick in taking it out.

When you win, speak to the trainer close to Whitney before speaking to Whitney
again. You?ll receive the Plain Badge, which boosts your Pokemon?s Speed, and
allows you to use HM04 (Strength), when you receive it. She?ll also give you
TM45 (Attract). Attract is useful when taught to a female Pokemon with good
staying power.

If you like, before you leave Goldenrod, you can head to the Game Corner and
try to win some prizes.

If you?re playing G/S, before you leave Goldenrod, enter the building next
door to the gym, and receive the Squirtbottle. If you?re playing Crystal,
you?ll get this in a bit.

Head north and pass through the gatehouse.


There are more trainers to battle here. Be sure to trade phone numbers with
Arnie, as he?ll tell you when there?s a Yanma swarm.

You might be able to find a Growlithe in the grass here. Growlithe is a good
Fire type, and Fire types are very rare, so you might want to add it to your

Continue north and enter National Park.


Battle the trainers in the park, and then get a few items. The woman on the
bench in the south-east will give you Quick Claw, which gives slow Pokemon a
one-in-three chance of attacking first. Then head to the north-east and look
for a missing rung in the fence. Pass through it and head right for a Parlyz
Heal, and then left for TM28 (Dig). Dig isn?t as strong as it was in R/B/Y,
but it?s a decent Ground type attack for now, until you get Earthquake.

Note: On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, National Park is home to the Bug-
Catching Contest (speak tot he gatekeepers at either of the entrances to the
park). You take in one of your Pokemon and 20 Park Balls. You then search for
a Pokemon in the grass, and try to catch the best one. Points are awarded for
how rare the Pokemon is, and it?s level. For the best chance of winning, try
to catch a Scyther or Pinsir. First prize is a Sun Stone, which can be used to
evolve Sunkern or Gloom. Second prize is an Everstone. Third prize is a Gold
Berry. And everybody else receives a Berry. As well as getting a prize, you
also get to keep the Pokemon you caught, so be sure to enter when you can.

When you?re finished in National Park, head out of the east exit.


Battle the two trainers before you get to a strange tree blocking your way. If
you?re playing G/S, you?ll already have the Squirtbottle by now. If you?re
playing Crystal, speak to the girl close by, and then head back to Goldenrod.
Enter the building next to the gym and you?ll receive the Squirtbottle. Now
head back here. Save before you do anything else. Now use the Squirtbottle on
the tree, and it reveals itself to be a Sudowoodo. You only have one chance to
catch Sudowoodo in the entire game (hence why you saved beforehand), so be
careful not to KO it. When you?ve caught it, speak to the man to the east, and
he?ll give you TM08 (Rock Smash). Rock Smash is a poor attack, but you?ll need
it in a bit, so teach it to a Pokemon you don?t use often. Head west, and then
north. Battle yet more trainers as you go.


Head to the Pokecenter first. You?ll see Bill, who?ll tell you that as of
tomorrow, you can use the Time Capsule (which allows you to trade Pokemon with
R/B/Y versions). You can then go back to Goldenrod and find Bill?s house (in
the south-west) to receive a free Eevee. If you do, come back after.

Head to the building to the left of the Pokecenter and receive an Itemfinder
from the guy inside.

Now enter the building above the Pokecenter. Defeat all of the Kimono Girls
inside (each uses one of Eevee?s evolutions), and then speak to the man at the
bottom of the room. He?ll give you HM03 (Surf). Surf is the best Water attack
in the game, so teach it to your Water type Pokemon.

Now head to the Burned Tower in the north-west. The following section of the
game is different depending on if you?re playing G/S, or Crystal, so I?ll
split it into two parts.

G/S: Be prepared for another battle with your rival as soon as you enter.
He?ll have four Pokemon, from L18-22. He should be easy to beat by now though.
When he?s gone, make your way around this floor, using Rock Smash to break the
rocks in your way. Battle a few trainers, and drop down the hole in the middle
of the room. You?ll land in front of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. They?ll run
away from you, but from this point on, you may encounter them in random
patches of grass in Johto.

Crystal: The Ecruteak gym leader, Morty, and Eusine are in here looking for
Suicune. Make your way around the edge, and work your way towards the middle
of the room. Your rival will battle you here, and have the same team as he
does at this point in G/S (see above). When you beat him, you?ll drop down to
the basement, and you?ll find Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. They?ll run away.
Raikou and Entei can be found in random patches of grass in Johto, but Suicune
can be caught more easily later.

After you?re done in the Burned Tower, go to the gym in the far south-west of
Ecruteak City. Morty is the leader here, and he specializes in Ghost type
Pokemon. It?s much easier to exploit the Poison side of the Gastly-Haunter-
Gengar line, so bring some Pokemon with Ground or Psychic attacks. Normal and
Fighting type attacks do nothing to Ghost Pokemon, so be careful.

Finding your way across the invisible floor isn?t too hard; it shouldn?t take
too many attempts. The underlings here are all easy, mainly because they?re so
predictable. All of their Pokemon are either Gastly or Haunter. They usually
use Curse, which cuts their HP in half, so they actually put themselves at a
disadvantage. Morty himself has a L21 Gastly, a L21 Haunter, a L25 Gengar, and
a L21 Haunter. Gengar is tough if he gets lucky and Hypnosis works often.
Dream Eater is a strong attack that also heals his Gengar, so if he does put
your Pokemon to sleep, either switch it out, or preferably, use an
Awakening/Full Heal.

When you win, Morty will hand over the Fog Badge, which makes all Pokemon up
to level 50 obey you without fail, and allows you to use HM03 (Surf) outside
of battle. He?ll also give you TM30 (Shadow Ball). Shadow Ball is an excellent
Ghost attack, which has more potential for destroying Psychics than any other
move in the game. But unfortunately, the only Ghost Pokemon in the game have
bad Attack stats, and aren?t very good at surviving fights against Psychic
types, so they can?t use it effectively. The best Pokemon to give it to are
Pokemon that can stand up to Psychics, and have an acceptable Attack stat to
use it with. Pokemon like Girafarig, Hypno, Sneasel, or good Normal types like
Snorlax are ideal.

With Morty beat, head west out of Ecruteak.


Head west, battling some trainers as you go. Be sure to get Dana?s number. In
G/S, she notifies you of Snubbull swarms, and in Crystal, she?ll eventually
give you a free Thunderstone.

When you reach Moomoo ranch, go into the barn, and feed the sick Miltank any
Berries (only normal Berries) you have. After you feed it enough, it will get
better, and the owner of the ranch will give you TM13 (Snore) as thanks. Snore
is only worthwhile if used correctly on a Snorlax, so save it for now. The
ranch owner will also start selling Moomoo Milk, for 500G. It restores 100HP
to a Pokemon when used.

Head south from the ranch and battle a couple more trainers, until you reach


Your rival will appear, but he won?t battle you. He?ll tell you that the gym
leader, Jasmine, is in the lighthouse.

Firstly, enter the building under the gym. A fishing guru will give you a Good

Next, head to the building on the far south-west of the city. Inside, a sailor
will give you HM04 (Strength). This isn?t the best Normal type attack but it?s
needed, so teach it to a Pokemon you don?t use often.

Now head for the lighthouse to the south-east. It takes a while to scale it,
due to all the trainers, but finding your way is easy enough.

When you reach the fourth floor, head around the floor anti-clockwise, and
grab TM34 (Swagger) on the next floor. Go back down, and back around the
fourth floor, and continue heading upwards until you reach the top floor.

Jasmine is here, tending to a sick Ampharos. She needs you to go to Cianwood
Island to fetch some medicine. Drop down the gaps on the eastern side of the
lighthouse to exit quicker. Then head to the south-west of Olivine.

Note: If you?re playing Crystal, you?ll see a gatehouse next to the shoreline.
At the other side of it is the most significant addition to Crystal; the
Battle Tower. Here, you?ll battle exceedingly good trainers with Pokemon at
set levels that fit in the rules. The woman at the counter inside gives a more
detailed description.

Surf south and head for Cianwood Island, to the south-west. Battle the
swimmers on your way; they don?t provide much cash, but they do provide
valuable Exp. Points.


If you?re playing Crystal, you?ll see Suicune at the north of the island. When
you approach it, it will run away again. Eusine will then appear and challenge
you to earn Suicune?s respect. He has varied Pokemon types, but they aren?t
too strong.

Head south and enter the very bottom building. Receive the Secret Potion from
the pharmacist inside. But before heading back, try tackling the gym here.

The leader of this gym is Chuck, and he specializes in Fighting type Pokemon.
Use Flying, Ghost or best of all, Psychic types here.

Oddly, Chuck doesn?t provide the main challenge here; the two first trainers
do. They each have one Pokemon at level 27, but you can?t heal your Pokemon in
between battles, so it?s the equivalent of one trainer with two level 27
Pokemon. One has Hitmonlee, and the other has Hitmonchan. When you do beat
them, the other underlings will pose little challenge. Chuck should in theory
be harder than the first two underlings, as his two Pokemon, a L27 Primeape
and a L30 Poliwrath, are at higher levels, but Primeape and Poliwrath don?t
have as good stats, plus, Poliwrath?s part Water type makes it susceptible to
Grass and Electric type moves.

When you beat Chuck, he?ll hand over the Storm Badge, which make all Pokemon
up to level 70 obey you, and allows you to use HM02 (Fly) outside of battle
when you obtain it. He?ll also give you TM01 (Dynamicpunch). Dynamicpunch
deals heavy damage as well as confusing the opponent, but it?s inaccurate, so
use it only if you don?t mind a gamble.

Exit the gym and speak to the woman standing near the entrance. She?ll give
you HM02 (Fly). Teach this to a Flying type Pokemon and Fly back to Olivine.


Scale the lighthouse again and give the Secret Potion to Jasmine. She?ll then
give it to Ampharos before heading back to the gym. Leave the lighthouse and
enter the gym.

Jasmine is the only person you battle in this gym, and she specializes in
Steel type Pokemon. She has a L30 Magnemite, another L30 Magnemite, and a L35
Steelix. Ground type Pokemon are great, as they will cast aside the two
Magnemite with ease, and do some decent damage to Steelix. Fire type moves are
the best choice for Steelix however; his Defense is high enough to counter his
Ground weakness, but his Special Defense is low. Water attacks are good, but
it has Sunny Day, which weakens them. Try sending out a Water type, and after
he uses Sunny Day, switch to a Fire type. With Sunny Day doubling the strength
of it?s already super-effective Fire attacks, you?ll take Steelix down with
one hit.

When beaten, Jasmine will give you the Mineral Badge, which boosts the Defense
of all your Pokemon. She?ll also give you TM23 (Iron Tail). Iron Tail isn?t
worth using. It?s not a bad attack, but it?s not a great one either. Steel
type attacks are only super-effective against Rock and Ice types. Steelix is
the only Pokemon that can use Iron Tail effectively, but Earthquake and Rock
Slide take care of Rock and Ice types already.

Fly back to Ecruteak.


Immediately head east and pass through the gatehouse.


You?ll pass three entrances to Mt. Mortar, but you can?t get to the cave?s
real prize, a Tyrogue, until you get HM07 (Waterfall). Simply surf east,
across the water, until you get to Mahogany Town. If you?re playing Crystal,
be sure to trade numbers with Tully, and he?ll eventually call and offer you a
Water Stone.

Enter Mahogany Town.


You can?t continue east, as there?s a salesman blocking the way, and there?s
nothing to do in town at the moment, so the only way you can go is north.


Team Rocket have taken over the gatehouse to the east, and will charge you
1000G if you enter, so pass it by looping around to the west. While you?re in
the grass, have a look for a Girafarig (if you?re playing G/S) or a Farfetch?d
(if you?re playing Crystal). Continue north until you reach the Lake of Rage.


Surf into the lake and save your game next to the red Gyarados. You only have
one chance to capture it. When you do (or if you KO it), you?ll receive a Red
Scale. Go back to dry land, and you?ll see Lance, the Pokemon champion next to
the sign. Speak to him, and he?ll tell you that Team Rocket are causing more
trouble. He?ll head back to Mahogany. Head back yourself.


Enter the building in the middle of the town, and follow Lance downstairs.


Whenever you pass a Persian statue, you?ll be detected, and two Rockets will
appear to fight you. But you can deactivate this trap by heading into the
center of the room and using the computer to turn off the security system.
When you?ve done that, make your way to the stairs in the south-west of the
room, via the long way (if you step on the dark tiles in the short path,
you?ll be forced into a battle with a wild Voltorb, Koffing, or Geodude.

When you enter this floor, Lance will heal your Pokemon. Proceed, battling
more Rockets as you go, and enter the next floor down. When you enter this
floor, you?ll meet Lance again, who?ll tell you that you need two passwords.
You?ll then see a square shaped room above you. Enter it and battle the female
Rocket at the top. She?ll give you the first password when beaten. Then head
to the south-west room and battle the Rocket member in there. He?ll give you
the second password. With both passwords, make your way to the stairs in the
north-east. Climb them, and when you are on the next floor, head west. Go down
the stairs there, and make your way around to another room. Battle the Rocket
inside and he?ll then flee. Speak to the Murkrow, and it will give you the
password to the generator room. Make your way back to the floor Lance healed
your Pokemon on. You?ll see a large door blocking your way. Open it, and just
as you?re about to enter, two Rocket Executives will approach you. Lance will
join you and take care of one, while you fight the other. The Rocket Executive
you battle isn?t too hard. Just use the same tactics with her as you do with
normal Rockets.

When you win, enter the room behind the doors you just opened, and fight three
wild Electrodes. When you?ve dealt with them, Team Rocket will disappear from
Mahogany, and Lance will give you HM06 (Whirlpool).

Leave Team Rocket?s HQ.


The gym is now accessible, so enter it. The leader is Pryce, and he
specializes in Ice type Pokemon. Don?t use Fire type Pokemon too much, as most
of the Ice types here are also part Water. Only use Fire against Swinub,
Piloswine and Jynx. Electric Pokemon are the best choice, as they can take
advantage of the Water side of these Ice types. Failing that (or in addition),
use Fighting types.

You?ll have to find your own route to fight all the underlings, but here?s the
path to Pryce:

Stand between the left Pokeball statue and the left wall. Skate up, up, right,
down, left, up, and then right.

Pryce?s underlings are a mixed bunch. The Dewgong?s some send out are hard to
take down, but the rest of the Pokemon aren?t too strong. Pryce himself is
tough if you aren?t prepared type-wise, but if you are, you shouldn?t have too
many problems. He has a L27 Seel, a L29 Dewgong, and a L31 Piloswine. Use
Electric against Seel and Dewgong and Water, Fire, or Fighting against

When you defeat Pryce, he?ll give you the Glacier Badge, which boosts the
Special stats of all your Pokemon. It also allows you to use HM06 (Whirlpool)
outside of battle. Pryce also gives you TM16 (Icy Wind). Icy Wind is an Ice
attack which is only decent as a long term move when taught to Piloswine, due
to it?s low speed. However, you may want to use it soon, so keep it handy.

When you step outside of the gym, you?ll receive a call from Elm. He?ll tell
you that Team Rocket have taken over the Goldenrod Radio Tower. Fly to


Enter the radio tower and make your way up. It will take a long time due to
the sheer number of Rockets you face, but the path is incredibly simple.

When you get to the top, you?ll find who appears to be the director, who was
kidnapped, but is in fact, an impostor. He?ll battle you. Defeat him, and
he?ll tell you that the real impostor is in the Goldenrod City Tunnel. He?ll
also give you an Underground Key, needed to reach the director.

Head to the Goldenrod City Tunnel, and use the Underground Key to open the
door to the east. You?ll fight your rival again in the next room, but he
doesn?t put up much of a fight. He has five Pokemon from level 28-32. After
beating him, beat the Rockets closeby, and flip the switches in this order:
left, center, then right. Work your way down to the door in the south-east and
battle another Rocket. Enter the doors. Fight more Rockets in the next room as
you work your way towards the center of the room. When you get there, you?ll
find the real director. He?ll give you a key needed to access other areas in
the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

Go back to the Radio Tower, and head to the third floor. Open the door on the
right of the room, and head upwards once again. Battle all the Rockets, and
you?ll find the two Rocket Executives you and Lance beat earlier, on the top
floor. Beat them both, and Team Rocket will disappear. The director will
return and then give you either the Rainbow Wing (if you?re playing Gold), the
Silver Wing (if you?re playing Silver), or the Clear Bell (if you?re playing

Depending on what item you receive, you can now catch either Ho-oh, Lugia, or
Suicune respectively. They?ll be at level 40 though, so you may need to wait
until your Pokemon are stronger. When they are, go to Tin Tower if you?re
after Ho-oh/Suicune, or Whirl Islands (between Olivine and Cianwood) if you?re
after Lugia. Remember that these Pokemon only appear once, so save before
battling them. This way, if you accidentally KO them, you can try again.

When you want to continue on your main adventure, Fly back to Mahogany Town.


First, make sure you have a Pokemon that knows Strength, in your party. Then
head east out of town.


If you?re playing G/S, be sure to swap numbers with Wilton on this route.
He?ll alert you to swarms of Remoraid. In Crystal, he instead calls you when
he fishes up items, but these are usually cheap items like Poke Balls and
such, so it?s not worth filling up a phone number slot.

Head west and enter the cave.


A few interesting wild Pokemon can be found in here, such as Jynx, Swinub,
and, if you?re playing Crystal, Sneasel as well. The next gym specializes in
Dragon type Pokemon, and Ice is one of their few weaknesses, so consider
catching one (preferably Jynx or Swinub) and leveling it up. Make your way
through the cave until you see a large patch of ice. The route you have to
skate is different depending on whether you?re playing G/S or Crystal.

If you?re playing G/S, skate up, left, up, right, up, right, down, left, up,
left, down, right, down, right, up, and then right.

If you?re playing Crystal, skate up, left, up, left, down, left, up, left,
down, right, down, and right.

Before you climb the steps, skate across the small patch of ice in front of
you for HM07 (Waterfall). Once again, the route is different depending on
whether you?re playing G/S or Crystal, but it?s far easier to figure out than
the large patch.

With HM07 in hand, continue around until you find a ladder. Climb down it, and
in the next floor, and use Strength to push the boulders down the holes. When
you?ve pushed all four boulders down all four holes (fairly simple), you can
drop to the next floor down yourself, and use the boulders to skate to the
center of the ice patch. Climb the ladder, and in the next area, skate to the
item to find TM44 (Rest). Rest is great when taught to a Pokemon with good
staying power and few weaknesses.

Climb the ladder nearby, and make your way through a couple more floors (the
route is simple) until you are outside. Walk south a short distance and you?ll
come to Blackthorn City.


A highlight of this city is that inside the south-west building, you can find
a guy who?ll make your Pokemon forget a move, even HM?s, so if you taught a
good Pokemon a HM you don?t want anymore, or you need to delete a G/S/C
specific move so you can trade with R/B/Y, you can delete those moves.

Head into the Pokemart, and you?ll find that you can now buy Ultra Balls. From
now on, make these your standard Balls, as they?re much stronger, as are the
Pokemon you encounter from now on.

Now head for the gym. The leader is Clair, and she specializes in Dragon type
Pokemon. Dragon Pokemon are weak only to Ice and other Dragon type attacks.
It?s incredibly unlikely you don?t have any Dragon type attacks, so try to use
Ice. The Icy Wind TM you received from Pryce can be useful here. The
underlings are very hard indeed, but they?re not as hard as Clair, so make
sure your Pokemon are capable of taking them out if you want a chance against
Clair. Clair has a L37 Dragonair, another L37 Dragonair, another L37
Dragonair, and a L40 Kingdra. Use Icy Wind, or simply a strong attack against
the Dragonair, and use any strong moves against Kingdra. Kingdra?s type mix is
one of the best in the game (Water/Dragon), as it gives it weakness only to
Dragon type attacks. The best you can do is simply hammer away with everything
you have and hope for the best.

When you win, Clair will demand that you get her a Dragon Fang from Dragon?s
Den before she gives you a badge. Leave the gym and make sure you have a
Pokemon with Whirlpool. Then head north and enter the cave. Make your way
around the cave (it?s fairly simple), and grab the Dragon Fang. Clair will
then appear and give you the Raging Badge, which makes all Pokemon obey you,
regardless of level, and also allows you to use HM07 (Waterfall) outside of
battle. She also gives you TM24 (Dragonbreath). Dragonbreath is only really
any good on Kingdra, so don?t use it on any other Pokemon.

When you leave the gym, Elm will call you and summon you back to New Bark
Town. You can walk there by traveling south, or you can simply Fly there.


Enter Elm?s lab, and he?ll give you a Master Ball. This ball will catch any
Pokemon without fail. You only get one in the entire game however (unless you
win on the Lucky Number show on the radio, but that?s very unlikely), so don?t
waste it. It?s best to use it on one of the legendary beasts that are found in
random patches of grass.

Now make sure you have Pokemon that know Surf and Waterfall. Surf to the east
of New Bark Town.


Enter the cave you come to, and you?ll see a waterfall in front of you. Before
you climb it though, grab the Moon Stone on the left. Climb the waterfall,
make your way around the bend, and then exit. Head east, battling trainers as
you go (be sure to battle every single one; you need your Pokemon to be as
strong as possible), and then head north. When you reach a small house, enter
it, and speak to the woman inside to have your Pokemon fully healed. Return
here if your party needs healing again before you reach the next Pokecenter.
Continue north, being sure to battle every trainer, and enter the gatehouse at
the end of the path. Show the guard your eight badges and he?ll let you pass.


This is the last area before the Elite Four. Luckily, it?s not as tedious as
the Victory Road in R/B/Y. In fact it?s easy to find your way around. The only
real obstacle is your rival at the exit. He has five Pokemon from level 34-38,
but he?s still fairly easy. If you have trouble, then you?re definitely not
ready for the Elite Four. Before you step out of the opening, head west and
drop down the pit. You?ll find TM26 (Earthquake) down here. Earthquake is the
best Ground attack in the game, and one of the best overall attacks in the
game also. Be sure to grab it. Now leave Victory Road via the exit close to
your rival encounter.


Just like last time, you must battle five opponents (there?s the champion to
beat as well as the Elite Four) in a row without visiting a Pokecenter in
between. Heal your Pokemon fully before you enter, and buy loads of Hyper
Potions, Revives, and Full Heals. Save before entering, so that if you find it
to be too hard, you can reset the game and level up your Pokemon some more.
Losing means you lose half your money. Your Pokemon should be at around level
45 to stand much of a chance.


Will specializes in Psychic type Pokemon. He has a L40 Xatu, a L41 Exeggutor,
a L41 Slowbro, a L41 Jynx, and a L42 Xatu. Electric and Fire are the types of
choice here; Electric will sort out his Slowbro and two Xatu, while Fire will
take down his Jynx and Exeggutor. Just be wary of Xatu?s Psychic.

Koga, the old Fuschia gym leader of R/B/Y is now a member of the Elite Four,
but he still specializes in Poison type Pokemon. He has a L40 Ariados, a L43
Forretress, a L42 Muk, a L41 Venomoth, and a L44 Crobat. He?s quite easy to
beat though; Poison types just aren?t very good. Use Psychic, Rock, and Fire
in this battle.

Bruno is still a member of the Elite Four, and he still specializes in
Fighting type Pokemon. He has a L42 Hitmontop, a L42 Hitmonlee, a L42
Hitmonchan, a L43 Onix, and a L46 Machamp. Use Psychic type Pokemon here, and
also Flying types. Watch out for his Onix though.

Karen specializes in Dark type Pokemon. She has a L42 Umbreon, a L42
Vileplume, a L45 Gengar, a L44 Murkrow, and a L47 Houndoom. You have to use
many different types, as there?s no real pattern to her Pokemon. Ground, Ice,
Rock and Fighting can be useful though.

Lance is the new Pokemon Champion, and he?s very strong. In theory, he?s
supposed to specialize in Dragon types, but only three of his Pokemon are
Dragon types, while all six are part Flying. He has a L44 Gyarados, a L47
Dragonite, a L46 Charizard, another L47 Dragonite, a L46 Aerodactyl, and a L50
Dragonite. The best types to use here are Ice, Rock, Electric and Water.

Well done! You?re now the Pokemon Champion. But unlike R/B/Y, there?s a lot
more to do now. You now have to visit Kanto, the R/B/Y map, and earn eight
more badges. When you restart your game, you?ll be in New Bark Town.


You?ll receive a call from Elm, asking you to drop by his lab. Walk on in, and
speak to him. He?ll give you an SS. Ticket. Fly to Olivine City.


Head south and enter the tunnel. When you emerge at the other side, show your
ticket to the sailor , and he?ll let you on the SS. Aqua.


As soon as you enter, you?ll be bumped into by a man looking for his missing
daughter. Ignore him for now though. First, find your room. It?s the one with
a sailor stood in front of it. You can heal your Pokemon here, and use a PC.
Explore this floor, battling trainers (they?re much easier than the opponents
you faced at Indigo Plateau). Then head down the stairs in the south-east, and
speak to the sailor blocking your way. He?ll ask you to look for his missing
colleague. Enter The room next to yours, and you?ll find him. Battle him, and
when you win, he?ll return to work. Head back to the sailor who was blocking
your way, and he?ll let you past. Battle the two trainers on this floor if you
like, otherwise head through the doors at the end to find the captain and the
missing girl. Speak to the girl and she?ll return to her father. Speak to the
father, and he?ll reward you with Metal Coat, an item that powers up Steel
type attacks, and is required to evolve Scyther and Onix. When this is done,
the ship will arrive in Kanto.


There?s not much to do here right now besides head for the gym. Cut down the
shrub, and enter.

Lt. Surge is the leader of this gym, and he specializes in Electric type
Pokemon. Use a strong Ground type to defeat Electric types easily.

The underlings here are amazingly easy to beat. A single Ground type will beat
them all. Lt. Surge isn?t much harder. He has a L44 Raichu, a L40 Electrode, a
L46 Electabuzz, another L40 Electrode, and a L40 Magnemite. Once again, a
single Ground type will beat them all.

When you win, you?ll receive the Thunder Badge.

Get used to the ease of defeating gym leaders, as the rest aren?t much harder.
So battling all trainers on the map to level up your Pokemon isn?t as
necessary now (though it?s still recommended).

Head north out of Vermilion.


The underground tunnel leading to Cerulean is closed, so continue north to
Saffron City.


Head to the house in the south-east, and just like in the last games, a guy
inside will give you TM29 (Psychic). Enter Silph Co., in the center of the
city, and a guy guarding the stairs will give you an Up-grade, needed to
evolve Porygon. Now head for the Fighting Dojo in the north-east (it?s the
left gym; not the right one), and take the Focus Band you see at the top of
the room. The Focus Band sometimes protects the Pokemon holding it from
fainting. Now head into the gym next door.

Sabrina is the leader of this gym, and she specializes in Psychic type
Pokemon. It?s unlikely you have anything that works particularly well against
Psychics (you might have a Pokemon with Bite, but it won?t do much damage,
even if it is super-effective). Just use Pokemon that have good Attack power,
as Psychics tend to have low Defense stats.

The underlings here aren?t too hard, but they may wear you down enough to
warrant a trip to the Pokecenter before you battle Sabrina. To reach Sabrina,
first, step on the pad in the first room. Then step on the pad above you. Then
the one below you. Then the one below you. And then the pad to the left of
you. You?ll find yourself next to Sabrina. She has a L46 Espeon, a L46 Mr.
Mime, and a L48 Alakazam. Although it?s tricky to exploit their weaknesses,
she still isn?t too tough to beat (much unlike in R/B/Y).

When you win, you?ll receive the Marsh Badge.

Leave the gym, and head for the house just above and to the left of Silph Co.
This is Copycat?s house. Go upstairs and speak to her to learn that she?s lost
her Clefairy Doll. Leave the house and Fly to Vermilion.


Enter the building just above the gym. Speak to the person with the Clefairy
Doll, and they?ll return it to you. Fly back to Saffron.


Give the Clefairy Doll to Copycat, and she?ll give you a Rail Pass, which
allows you to catch the train that travels to and from Kanto and Johto.
However, the Power Plant that powers the train (as well as other things in
Kanto) is down, and must be restored first.

Head east out of Saffron.


The underground tunnel here is also closed, so continue east until you reach
Lavender Town.


The Pokemon Tower has been downsized and moved across the town slightly to
make way for the new Kanto Radio Tower. Hardly respectful, but anyway, pass
straight through Lavender and head north.


Rock Tunnel is far simpler this time round. You should have no problems making
your way through. While you?re here though, you might want to look for a wild
Cubone or Kangaskhan. If you do decide to catch a Cubone, be sure to get a
Thick Club as well. Either catch Cubone until you find one with a Thick Club
attached, or simply use the attack Thief to steal one (this method is much
quicker and easier).


When you exit Rock Tunnel, head north until you see some water. Surf around
the corner until you see a building. Enter it, and you?ll find that it?s the
Power Plant. It has been revived since the R/B/Y days, but it is currently
down due to somebody having stole a Machine Part. Speak to the manager next to
the machine, and then leave the Power Plant. As you do, you?ll be told that a
shady character has been seen in Cerulean. Head back outside, surf back
around, and head west. Battle the trainers as you go.


Enter the gym. Misty isn?t there, nor are the underlings, but the thief who
stole the Machine Part is. He?ll run outside. Exit, and head for Nugget Bridge
in the north. You?ll find the thief here, and it turns out to be a Team Rocket
member. Battle him, and when you win, he?ll tell you he hid it in the gym. Go
to the gym and search in the central pool of water to find it.

Before you head back to the Power Plant however, head north of Nugget Bridge,
and then head east.


Battle the trainers on this route and then receive a Nugget from the final
one. Continue east, and you?ll see Misty with a date. Her date will run away,
and Misty will then head back to the gym.


Enter the gym. This gym specializes in Water type Pokemon, and Misty is the
leader. Use Grass and Electric type Pokemon here.

The underlings are easy enough, and Misty is fairly simple herself. She has a
L42 Golduck, a L42 Quagsire, a L44 Lapras, and a L47 Starmie. Grass types work
well against all of them, but Electric won?t work against Quagsire, so be

When you win, Misty will give you the Cascade Badge.

When you leave the gym, head west to the Power Plant.


Surf around to the Power Plant, and give the Machine Part back. You?ll receive
TM07 (Zap Cannon) as thanks. Zap Cannon does a lot of damage and always
paralyzes the opponent, but it is very inaccurate.

Fly to Lavender.


Enter the Radio Tower, and speak to the owner. He?ll give you a Radio Card to
tune into Kanto?s Radio stations.

With that, Fly to Saffron.


You can now use the train, but don?t bother for now. Instead, head west out of


There?s nothing on this route of interest, unless you want to do some Pokemon
catching. Houndour and Murkrow both appear here at night, and are the game?s
first wild Dark Pokemon.

Head west to Celadon.


First head for the building in the south-east. You?ll find it?s a restaurant.
Search the trash can at the back of the room to find Leftovers.

Next, if it?s night, head to the back of the large building in the north. A
guy on the top floor will give you TM03 (Curse) if you listen to his story.
Curse is good on Pokemon that would benefit from a boost in Attack and
Defense, but wouldn?t suffer too much from a loss of Speed.

Now head for the gym in the south-west.

Erika is the gym leader, and she specializes in Grass type Pokemon. Just bring
a Fire type, and you?ll have no problems. Good second choices include Ice and
Psychic (a lot of the Pokemon here are part Poison).

The underlings are incredibly easy; easier than underlings in previous Kanto
gyms. And Erika is also a bit of a pushover. She has a L42 Tangela, a L46
Bellossom, a L41 Jumpluff, and a L46 Victreebel. A single Fire type is enough
to send them all packing.

When you win, Erika will give you the Rainbow Badge, and TM19 (Giga Drain).
Giga Drain is one of the best Grass type attacks in the game.

With the gym beat, head west out of Celadon.

ROUTES 16, 17, AND 18

You need to use your bike on this road. Head south, and then head east to
reach Fuchsia City.


The Safari Zone no longer exists, so there?s not much to do in Fuchsia. Head
for the gym.

With Koga promoted to the Elite Four, his daughter, Janine is now the leader
of this gym. And she also specializes in Poison type Pokemon. Use a single
Psychic to destroy everyone in this gym.

The transparent walls are still here, but they?re just as easy to navigate as
last time. The underlings here are the easiest yet, and Janine herself is
laughable, with her Pokemon at terribly low levels. She has a L36 Crobat, a
L36 Weezing, another L36 Weezing, a L33 Ariados, and a L39 Venomoth. A Psychic
type will have no problems, but then again, nor will any other strong Pokemon.

When you win, Janine will hand over the Soul Badge, and TM06 (Toxic).

When you exit the gym, Fly to Vermilion.


Head to the south-east and save your game next to the Snorlax (you only get
one chance to catch it). Play the Poke Flute using your Radio, and it will
wake up and attack. It?s at level 50, so it will probably be tricky to wear
down, especially considering it also has the move Rest, and is holding some
Leftovers (which means it can restore a bit of HP after every turn). Try to
put it to sleep or paralyze it when you?re ready to start throwing Ultra

When you do catch it, enter the cave in front of you.


Head through this cave, and exit through the other side.


Use Cut to get past the shrub on the left. Then head north.


First, speak to the man standing to the right of the Pokemart, and he?ll give
you the Silver Wing (if you?re playing Gold or Crystal), which allows you to
catch Lugia in Whirl Islands, or a Rainbow Wing (if you?re playing Silver),
which allows you to catch Ho-oh in Tin Tower.

Next, head for the gym.

Brock is the leader of the Pewter City gym, and he specializes in Rock type
Pokemon. Take a Water, and better yet, a Grass type Pokemon with you, and
you?ll have no trouble.

The only underling here is incredibly easy; he only has one Pokemon, and it?s
at a very low level. Brock is just as easy. He has a L41 Graveler, a L42
Omastar, a L41 Rhyhorn, a L44 Onix, and a L42 Kabutops. A Grass type is 4x
super-effective against all of them, and most likely faster too, so it?s
possible to take them all down without taking any damage whatsoever.

When you win, you?ll receive the Boulder Badge.

If you want to battle your rival again, head east out of Pewter, until you
reach Mt. Moon. Enter, and you?ll find him inside.

Otherwise, head south from Pewter.


Head all the way south, until you reach Viridian City.


The gym leader isn?t here right now, so continue south.


This route has nothing to offer, so proceed to Pallet Town.


Players of R/B/Y will remember this town fondly, as it?s where it all started.
There?s nothing too special here though. You can drop in to Oak?s lab and
speak to him, but other than that, all there is to do is to Surf south to

ROUTES 19, 20, AND 21

Surf south until you reach what used to be Cinnabar Island. A volcano erupted
some time ago, and now all that remains is a Pokecenter and lots of rocks.
You?ll find Blue here however (Gary). Speak to him, and you?ll find out he?s
now the leader of the Viridian gym. He?ll then return there so you can battle
him, but first head east to Seafoam Islands. Blaine, the old Cinnabar gym
leader, moved here after the volcano at Cinnabar erupted. Enter the cave, and
you?ll find him. He has no underlings, so it?s just him. He once again
specializes in Fire types. He has a L45 Magcargo, a L50 Rapidash, and a L45
Magmar. Use a single strong Water type to beat them all.

When you win, you?ll receive the Volcano Badge.

You can Surf east from here to get to Fuchsia, but instead, Fly back to


Enter the gym. Blue is the only person inside. Blue doesn?t specialize in any
particular type, so you need a varied party to beat him. Unlike the other
Kanto gym leaders, Blue is no pushover. He has a L56 Pidgeot, a L56 Rhydon, a
L54 Alakazam, L58 Gyarados, a L58 Arcanine, and a L58 Exeggutor. Ice works
well against three of his six Pokemon, so try to use a Pokemon with an Ice
type move.

When you win, you?ll receive the Earth Badge.

Now that you have all eight badges, Fly to Pallet Town.


Enter Oak?s lab, and speak to him. He?ll give you permission to get to Mt.
Silver, a mountain full of strong wild Pokemon, and more importantly, the
trainer Red (Ash).

Fly to Viridian.


Head east to Route 22.


Continue east and enter the building at the end. You?ll recognize it as the
gatehouse before Indigo Plateau. Head through the east exit.


Mt. Silver is to the north-west, but you might want to do some exploring here
too. Wild Pokemon such as Misdreavus, Magmar, and Larvitar can be found here,
depending on which version you?re playing.

There?s also a Pokecenter on this route, so remember to use it if your Pokemon
are hurt here or in Mt. Silver.

Enter Mt. Silver when you?re finished on this route.


Head to the far north of the first room, and head through the opening. Head up
the three sets of steps in the next room, and follow the path until you see
another opening. Enter it. Then head to the far north of this room to find
Red. Red is incredibly strong. He has a L81 Pikachu, a L77 Blastoise, a L73
Espeon, a L75 Snorlax, a L77 Charizard, and a L77 Venusaur. You need a very
high-level, and varied party to beat him.

Beating him earns you nothing but the ability to watch the credits again, and
the satisfaction that you beat the ultimate Pokemon trainer.

But you?re not quite done; there?s still the matter of catching the legendary
birds, and, if you?re playing Crystal, Suicune.


Tin Tower is the tower in the north-east of Ecruteak City.

If you?re playing Crystal, you?ll find Suicune on the first floor. Save your
game before battling him, and use the same tactics to catch him as you did
with Sudowoodo and Snorlax.

If you?re playing Crystal, you must catch Raikou, Entei, and Suicune before
you get the Rainbow Wing, which allows you to battle Ho-oh, at the top of Tin
Tower. In Gold/Silver, you can battle it as soon as you get the Rainbow Wing
from either the Goldenrod Radio Director, or the man in Pewter City. It?s on
the very top floor (which isn?t too hard to reach). Once again, save your game
before battling, and catch it as you caught Snorlax and Sudowoodo (and, if
you?re playing Crystal, Suicune).


Whirl Islands are the four islands in Route 41. Lugia makes it?s home there.
Enter the north-east island, and head for the ladder in the north-east of the
first room. In the next area, make your way to the next ladder, and climb down
it. In the next room, Surf down the waterfall you see, and enter the opening
in the wall. You?ll then see Lugia. Save your game before battling, and then
catch it in the same way as all the other ?one-chance? Pokemon.

Now all you have left to do is fill up your Pokedex. This takes a lot longer
than it did in R/B/Y, so good luck!

Cara Bermain Megamen star force 2 Zerker x Saurian ( DS )

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| Table of Contents |
| |
| 1. Introduction..............................................[INT24] |
| 2. Basic Information.........................................[BIN31] |
| a) Story.............................................[STR14] |
| b) Characters........................................[CHR41] |
| c) Controls..........................................[CTL56] |
| d) Tribes/Transformations............................[TRT62] |
| 3. Walkthrough...............................................[WALK3] |
| A) Chapter 1: A Ghost Crisis.........................[PHT12] |
| B) Chapter 2: The Abominable Snowman.................[BYI75] |
| C) Chapter 3: A Nightmare at the Museum..............[OPR69] |
| D) Chapter 4: Power of the OOPArt....................[QDP28] |
| E) Chapter 5: The Loch Mess Monster..................[PLS87] |
| F) Chapter 6: Welcome to Whazzap!....................[TRC35] |
| G) Chapter 7: Lost in the Bermuda Maze...............[HOL77] |
| H) Chapter 8: The Continent of Mu....................[MU101] |
| I) Chapter 9: Apollo Flame of the Alternate World....[SAP10] |
| 4. Jobs/Quests/Missions......................................[JQM99] |
| 5. Battle Card List/Locations................................[BCL11] |
| 6. HPMemory Locations........................................[HPM22] |
| 7. Blank Card Locations......................................[BLC55] |
| 8. IndiFrag Locations........................................[IND88] |
| 9. Mega's Weapons............................................[MGW77] |
| 10. Merchant Hertz............................................[MERC9] |
| 11. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)..........................[FAQ19] |
| 12. Version History...........................................[VRH14] |
| 13. Legal Information.........................................[LINFO] |
| |

1. Introduction [INT24]

Welcome, to my very first walkthrough! This is a complete FAQ/Walkthrough of
the game, Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja/Saurian. It is the sequel to
the first Mega Man Star Force game, and it has many similarities to the
Battle Network games on the GBA. I wrote this walkthrough playing the Saurian
Version, and no Real Brothers or Auto Tribe King were used.

I will constantly be updating this guide, to cover everything in this game.
If I miss something, or if I made a mistake somewhere, please e-mail me at:

2. Basic Information [BIN31]

a) Story [STR14]

It's been two months since Mega Man's battle with the FM-ians...

Geo Stelar no longer uses a Transer, and has now upgraded to the Star Carrier,
a new type of mobile terminal. Geo is excited about trying it out, and it is
at that point that his cohorts in adventure--Prez, Bud, and Zack--drop in on

Prez tells everyone they should make a trip to see the sights and sounds of
IFL Tower in Wilshire Hills. As Electiopia's largest city, it is the center
of all that is cool and cutting edge. The group is excited at just the
thought of going there.

But while Geo and his friends are enjoying their time in Wilshire Hills,
something terrible and unexpected occurs... A mysteries man appears and throws
the denizens of Wilshire Hills into a panic when he unleashes a horde of

With the help of his partner in adventure, the alien Omega-Xis,
Geo Wave Changes into the hero known as Mega Man! The battle with
a new, terrible enemy is about to begin!

b) Characters [CHR41]

Geo Stelar
Geo is a kind-hearted 5th grader who loves outer space. After his father
disappeared in an accident on a space station, Geo became a loner. But other
kids in Echo Ridge encouraged him to open up, and now he realized the value of
friendship. He is good at fixing machines, just like his father.

An energy being from outer space, Omega-Xis has a strong independent streak.
His favorite pastime is going "buck wild" on Viruses. He is still living with

Luna Platz
Geo's class president. She's bossy, but has a good heart.

Bud Bison
A rough, tough kid who likes to eat. Give him his favorite foods and he can
do anything.

Zack Temple
A know-it-all geek. He has a strong sense of loyalty to Luna.

Sonia Strumm
A very popular young singer. She can wave change like Geo.

c) Controls [CTL56]

Field Controls
+Control Pad.............................Move character/menu cursor.
A Button.................................Speak/Examine/Confirm.
B Button.................................Cancel
X Button.................................Open Star Carrier menu.
Y Button.................................Real World: Put on/Take off
Wave World: Not used.
L Button.................................Talk to Omega-Xis.
R Button.................................Real World: Pulse in.
Wave World: Pulse out.
Start....................................Not used
Select...................................Switch between Personal View, Brother
view and sky view.

Combat Controls
+Control Pad Left/Right..................Move Mega Man left/right
+Control Pad Up..........................Not used.
+Control Pad Down........................Lock on.
A Button.................................Use Battle Card.
B Button.................................Mega Buster(hold down for rapid fire)
X Button.................................Not used
Y Button.................................Shield.
L/R Buttons..............................Open Custom Screen
Start....................................Pause battle (not used online).
Select...................................Not used.

d) Tribes/Transformations [TRT62]

=Single Tribe=
Once in the game you find the OOPArt, you will be able to Tribe-On to the
Tribe of your version.

Thunder Zerker
Tribal Ability...........................Train Combo
Status Power Up..........................Side Select, Elec+20
Charge Shot..............................Thunder Slash
Link Force Big Bang......................Thunder Bolt Blade

Fire Saurian
Tribal Ability...........................Charges B.Cards to increase
attack power
Status Power Up..........................Super Armor, Fire +30
Charge Shot..............................Dino Cannon
Link Force Big Bang......................G Blazer

Wood Ninja
Tribal Ability...........................Dodge attacks with Body Double Attack
Wood Elemental Sword provides counter
Charge the Battle Card to gain
additional invisibility capacity and
Auto Lock On
Status Power Up..........................Wood +20
Charge Shot..............................Shinobi Star
Link Force Big Bang......................Demon Flurry

*Press +Control Pad up+Y button for Body Double Attack.
The Body Double counter move replaces blocking.

=Double Tribe=
While in Tribe-On, select a Brother Card of a different Tribe,
to Double Tribe

Zerker Saurian
Tribal Ability...........................Train Combo
Status Power Up..........................Side Select, Super Armor, Elec+20,
Charge Shot..............................Dino Cannon
Link Force Big Bang......................Vanishing Blazer

Zerker Ninja
Tribal Ability...........................Train Combo
Status Power Up..........................Side Select, Elec+20, Wood+20
Charge Shot..............................Shinobi Star
Link Force Big Bang......................Elemental Blade

Saurian Zerker
Tribal Ability...........................Train Combo, Charge B.Cards
Status Power Up..........................Super Armor, Side Select, Fire+30
Charge Shot..............................Thunder Slash
Link Force Big Bang......................Vanishing Blazer

Saurian Ninja
Tribal Ability...........................Charges B.Cards, Body Double Attack
Status Power Up..........................Super Armor, Wood+20, Fire+30
Charge Shot..............................Shinobi Star
Link Force Big Bang......................Enma Gale Garrison

Ninja Zerker
Tribal Ability...........................Train Combo, Body Double Attack
Status Power Up..........................Side Select, Elec+20, Wood+20
Charge Shot..............................Thunder Slash
Link Force Big Bang......................Elemental Blade

Ninja Saurian
Tribal Ability...........................Charge B.Cards, Body Double Attack
Status Power Up..........................Super Armor, Wood+20, Fire+30
Charge Shot..............................Dino Cannon
Link Force Big Bang......................Enma Gale Garrison

=Tribe Tribe=
Fusing all three tribes turns Mega Man into the Ultimate Warrior.
It lasts for three turns.

Tribe King
Tribal Ability...........................Doubles all B.Cards attack power;
All Tribe Abilities
Status Power Up..........................Side Select,Super Armor, Elec+20,
Wood+20, Fire+30
Charge Shot..............................Over Slash
Link Force Big Bang......................Czar D Breaker

3. Walkthrough [WALK3]

Turn the game on, cause here we go! Once your at the title screen of the game,
you get to choose which of the two versions you want to play through. Both
Zerker and Ninja/Saurian are separate game files, so it basically is a two
games in one. Once you have chosen which version you want, you will have to
set up your auto brother, that will come into play later.

GMW - Green Mystery Wave - Randomly appears everytime you wave change.
BMW - Blue Mystery Wave - Appears only once then dissapears.
PMW - Purple Mystery Wave - Requires Unlocker.
ES - EM Wave Space - Mega Man can pulse into these objects.

A} Chapter 1 - A Ghostly Crisis [PHT12]

So the game begins..............

| Echo Ridge |
| BMW |
| GrndWave1.....Right by Geo's house |
| SmEnrgy.......Above Geo's House on the |
| wave road. |
| ParlyzPlus....Geo's Livingroom |
| SmEnergy......TV ES |
| Attack+10.....TV ES |
| HPMem10.......Geo's Room |
| 400 Zenny.....Sign ES |
| LongSword.....Doghouse ES |
| SmEnergy......Doghouse ES |
| HpMem10.......Mailbox ES |

The game begins with Geo getting his star carrier. It will ask you to input
a handle which is the name you will go by online. Geo wants to try showing
someone his personal view, so go talk to the women down by the shop. After
that, the Advert ship that is flying in the sky, will come crashing down.
Talk to everyone around the Advert Ship and the thing will start making all
kinds of noise. This looks like a job for Mega Man! Get to the wavehole and
pulse in with the R Button.

Welcome to the Wave World! Talk to the Hertz (the blue thing) and learn a few
things from him if you want. Make your way to the Advert Ship and prepare for
the unskipable battle tutorial......wait YOU CAN SKIP THE TUTORIAL!? About
time Capcom! If your not sure how the battle system works in this game, then
I suggest you don't skip it, but if your a veteran from Star Force 1, then by
all means skip it. Its a three consecutive battle against a few Mets.
After the battle, pulse out by returning to the wave hole, or the R button.
Head back to the Advert ship and Geo's friends will appear. Talk to the man,
who is going bonkers over losing money, and then head across the northern
crosswalk to find the propeller, it's above Luna's house. Only way to get it,
is to pulse in and take the wave road. After getting the propeller, pulse out
and return the propeller to the man. He will give you free movie tickets to go
see the movie Ghost Crisis as a reward.

Now that all that is done with, go to your house(The Blue One), and talk to
your mom. Something is wrong with the TV, so go back outside and pulse in.
Return to your house and inspect the TV, you will then pulse into it.Talk to
the hertz in here to get the TV to work again. Pulse out and return to your
mom. When everything is said and done, head to your room and go to sleep.

The next day, head to the bus stop to meet up with your friends to head to
Wilshire hills. Before you head out, I suggest you go into all the new
wave spaces that have opened up and collect all the Blue Mystery Data.
Before you leave for Wilshire, Luna teaches you about Brotherband and what
you can do with your Star Carrier.

| Hills Blvd |
| BMW |
| Cloaker.......Wave Sign ES |
| Recover30.....Near Merchant |
| MadVulcn1.....Wave Road off highway |

Once you arrive, I suggest you pulse in and gather the BMW. Once your ready
to continue, head to the elevator to go up to the main area.

| Wilshire Hills |
| BMW |
| ChargeV/90....Requires 100 Link Power |
| FireRing1.....Above Shopping Plaza |
| SmEnrgy.......Wave Road off highway |
| Recover30.....Air Display ES |
| 450 Zenny.....Mega Display ES |

Talk to everyone and inspect all displays to progress the story. Afterwards,
you and your friends want to go check out IFL tower since they have time
before the movie starts. The IFL tower is to the Northeast.

A very mysterious person will appear and talk about the IFL Tower and how
important it is to the people. Inspect the entrance to find out its closed.
Head to the Shopping Plaza in Wilshire Hills, When you get there, Bud tells
you that he lost his ticket, so now we have to find his ticket(wonderful).
Talk to the man in a suit near the elevator to find the ticket, then talk to
the muscular guy standing near you to ask for his Skyboard, but before he will
give it to you, you must talk to a lady for him, shes near the entrance to the
IFL Tower1 area, she wont give you the information that you want, so your
going to have to pulse in and have Mega go into her star carrier. To do that,
you just have to inspect her while in wave form. Now that you know she likes
people with High Link power, return to the muscular man and tell him the info
to get your Skyboard so you can get Buds ticket. Once you give Bud his ticket,
you are finally able to move on.

| Shopping Plaza |
| BMW |
| HPMem10.......2nd floor, near elevator |
| SmEnrgy.......1st floor, near entrance |
| 550 Zenny.....Security Cam ES |

If you have a link power of 50 or more you can receive a HPMem10 from the man
at the counter. Take the elevator to the second floor, there you will find
Mr. Boreal, a good friend of Geo's father. Apparently he helped invent the
Star Carrier, so if you have any questions about it, he's the one to ask. Take
the elevator to the 3rd floor which is the Theatre. The movie will begin, and
once the intermission begins head back to the lobby so Geo can buy something.
As Geo heads back, he notices that mysterious guy he met at IFL Tower mumbles
something and heads into the movie theatre. Once the movie begins again the
power goes out, when the power comes back on, a EM being calling himself Dark
Phantom, releases a bunch of ghosts viruses and kidnaps Luna and takes her to
the Top of IFL Tower. So head out to the elevator, the power is out on the
elevator, we have to turn the power on, and the switch is on the first floor,
so pulse in and take the wave road down there. Inspect the counter on the
first floor to discover a button that will turn the elevators on. Pulse out
and head to the first floor. The exit is blocked by 3 ghosts, we need to
become ghostbusters to take em out, so head back to the third floor and talk
to the first girl at the counter to get the Matter Wave: vacuum, then head
back down and suck those ghosts up, and head to the IFL Tower.

| IFL Tower1 |
| BMW |
| RdrMisil1.....3rd tele pad |
| HPMem10.......2nd tele pad |

Find a wavehole and pulse in and start working your way up to the top. Avoid
the ghosts at all costs otherwise you will have to battle them, and you won't
get anything for beating it. So it's a total waste of time. When you get to
the point where you teleport and theirs another pad next to you, take it and
head to broken wave area, then head back down a level to get to the scaffold
where those two guys are. When you get there you will have to fight some
ghosts, not that difficult. Return to the upper area, since now you can cross
thanks to the scaffold.

| IFL Tower1 |
| BMW |
| Boohat1.......You can't really miss it |
| LrgEnrgy......Top of IFL Tower |

Continue to make your up, and avoid the ghosts as much as possible. It gets a
little more tricker the higher up you go. Once you get to the top of the
building itself, you will have more people to help, so battle those ghosts,
you should be familiar with the way they attack by now. Continue to very very
top, and make sure you save right before that skull panel, because that means
your about to fight a boss. It appears that Hyde was Dark Phantom all along
(who would've guessed?).

|Boss| Dark Phantom | HP 500 | Difficulty: Easy | Weak: None |
1. Stick Sword..........20 damage - Appears in front of you and slashes you.
2. Phantom Claw.........30 damage - Claw appears and attacks the whole row.

Dark Phantom isn't that hard, he moves rather slow and his attacks are very
easy to dodge. You should have no problem beating him, just make use of your
high attack power chips such as swords and Boohat1. He will occasionally
teleport to another panel when you move to the row he is in.

Dark Phantom runs away, Luna gets rescued and you get your first brother!
Luna gives you 50 Link Power(LP). Link Power allows you to get stronger, the
more brothers you have the higher it goes.

B} Chapter 2 - The Abominable Snowman [BYI75]

| Echo Ridge |

A few weeks later, and Geo is out of school and on his summer vacation. Luna
calls and tells you that you all are going on a vacation and to meet at her
house to discuss plans of where to go (Shes got her boys whipped). But before
that, it appears that your Star Carrier needs to updated, your going to have
to find someone who knows about Star Carrier's. If you haven't already
guessed, the person you need to talk to is, Mr. Boreal, so head to the
shopping plaza 2nd floor.

***Before you head out to the Shopping Plaza, their are five Jobs/quests to
the people with the pink display above their heads are troubled and are
looking for help, so pulse in and enter their star carriers to help them and
in return you get some really nice prizes. Refer to the Jobs/Quests section
to give you a walkthrough for those quests.***

| Jobs | Refer to Jobs/Quests section for details |
| Don McCard.......Echo Ridge......Reward: Unlocker Sub-Card |
| Bonnie Amora.....Echo Ridge......Reward: AttckPanel B. Card |
| Kate Chizer......Hills Blvd......Reward: HPMem10 |
| Iver Gatte.......Wilshire Hills..Reward: HPMem10 |
| Ere Mitic........Shopping Plaza..Reward: IndFrag1 |

| Shopping Plaza |
| BMW |
| Invisible.....Movie Theater, above the |
| first haunted house. |
| SrchEye.......Love Seat ES |

Head to the second floor and talk to Mr. Boreal, and he will upgrade your
Star Carrier and give you a Blank Card. A blank card allows you to input a
series of commands to create a Wave Command Card. Afterwards, head back to
Echo Ridge.

| Echo Ridge |
| BMW |
| AttackPanel...Luna's Room |
| 700 Zenny.....Computer ES |
| LrgEnrgy......Computer ES |
Head to Luna's house and you will discuss where you guys will go for your
vacation, and by discuss I mean what Luna decided before you got there. For
your summer vacation your going to a ski resort??? Weird, but OK! Zack says
that their are UMA's (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) in Grizzly Peak, the
ghosts in Wilshire were also UMA's. People have reported a Abominable Snowman,
sounds fun, so why wouldn't a bunch of 5th graders not want to go?

After all that is said and done, you will get an e-mail from Master Shin, who
will tell you a little about Cipher Mail.

Before you head out of Luna's house, go to her computer and download her
wallpaper, and don't forget to get the BMW in Luna's room.

Head on back to your house and talk to your mom to tell her your plans.
She tells you to finish your homework before you go. So head to your computer
to download the homework. Somethings wrong with the waves in the computer, so
pulse in and head into the computer. Their are several viruses inside here,
better take care of them. Pulse out and head back to your room and hit the

The next day......

You get an e-mail from the Prez telling you to meet at the bus station, so
when you finished all your business around here, head on there.

| Grizzly Peak |
| BMW |
| PlsmaGun1*3...Link Power 150 Door |
| AttckPanel....Near Wave-Road Entrance to |
| Foodtopia |
| DEnrgy........Wave Fountain ES |
| LrgEnrgy......Snow Man ES |
| Unlocker......Snow Man ES |
| SyncHook1.....Take wave road entrance |
| from Foodtopia |

Interesting place, well since everyone else is cowards, we have to go talk
to talk to the receptionist and check yourself into the hotel.

| Peak Hotel |
| BMW |
| StarHoop......Wave Road in Suite |
| D.Enrgy.......Near waterfall |
| UndrShrt/60...Above the lobby |
| 740 Zenny.....Souvenir Pnl ES |
| LrgEnrgy......Lodge Monitor ES |
| 600 Zenny.....Lodge Monitor ES |

Talk to the woman at the counter, and she won't have time for she
said she will e-mail you when shes not busy. So go around and check the hotel
out. If you take the elevator to the left, the souvenir shop guy will give you
a HPMem10 if you have 100 Link Power or more. Make your way to the elevator
to the right.

*Inspect the ski's in the laundry room to get a HPMem10*

Make your way outside to see a familiar face. It's Bob Copper, he works for
the Satella Police. He's here to investigate the Abominable Snowman. Head to
the Foodtopia area next.

Look around and when you talk to the man by the ski lift, you will get an
e-mail. Looks like shes ready to help you, so head back to the Hotel. The
owner of the hotel comes and tells the lady to upgrade their room to the
suite. Nice. Talk turns about the Abominable Snowman, and then a big guy
with a golden tooth and pink clothes comes into the room. His name is Rich
Dotcom. He wants the suite, so he tries to buy it off Geo.

After the conversation head to the elevator to the right, and head to your
room. Luna attempts to open the door, but it won't work, so time to pulse in
and take the wave road into the room. Head outside and pulse in. Head into
the room via the wave road, and then pulse out in the wavehole in the suite.
Open the door to let your friends in. Your friends want to investigate the
Abominable Snowman, so time to head out, before you leave, the talking egg
gives you matter wave skis.

*Before you leave the Suite, pulse in and get the BMW, it contains a new
weapon for Mega.*

*Also inspect one of the twin beds in the Suite to get an HPMem10*

Now head to Foodtopia to investigate.

| Foodtopia |
| BMW |
| HPMem20.......Above entrance to Foodtopia|
| HPMem20.......Lost Ice Statue ES |

Head up to the ski lift and you will get a call from a unknown caller telling
you to meet this person at the wave fountain in front of the hotel. So go to
the meeting place.

| Grizzly Peak |

Once you arrive, no one is their to meet you, but then you hear a scream to
Run and get outta the way. A giant Snowball comes crashing down where Geo was
once standing (Wow, thats a pretty twisted way to kill someone). The person
that warned you about the giant snowball was a young girl named, Amy Gelende,
shes a famous skier that Geo seems to be familiar with. Your friends appear
and are flipping out because apparently their fans of hers, except for Luna,
who gets jealous and PO'ed and storms back to her room. Apparently that giant
snowball is a EM virus, so were going to have to pulse in and delete all three
of them. The locations of the snowballs are:

1. In front of the hotel
2. In front of the ski lift in Foodtopia.
3. Above the slopes in the Foodtopia area.

After you defeat all three of them, you get an e-mail from Zack telling you
to meet up with everyone in the lobby. So pulse out and head there. When you
arrive, you meet a very mysterious person who looks about Geo's age and is
aware of the EM being with Geo, very mysterious indeed. After he leaves, the
owner of the hotel, Amy's father, comes and tells you that they are having a
eating contest in Foodtopia. Bud enters so he can impress Amy for being a....
fatty? Anyway, Geo wants to check on the Prez before he heads out, so head to
the suite. She tells you to get lost, whatever. Head on out and you get a
phone call from Bud asking Geo to get him a EatMchn. Head back into the suite
and ask the talking egg where you can find one. Pulse in and head to the
laundry room, its only accessible via the wave road. Pulse out in the wavehole
and talk to the woman who will give you the EatMchn. Now pulse back in and
head to another wavehole to pulse out. Now that you have the EatMchn, head to
the Foodtopia area.

| Foodtopia |

Materialize the EatMchn for Bud and the eating contest will begin. I find this
eating contest very disturbing, especially that EatMchn that is forcing food
down Buds mouth. Bud starts flipping out when the flames appear. Somethings
wrong with Bud, Geo puts on his visualizer and he sees Taurus! He was an
FM-ian who took control of Buds body in the first game. Bud wave changes into
Taurus Fire and starts going crazy! Time to pulse in and stop him!

|Boss| Taurus Fire | HP 600 | Difficulty: Easy | Weak: Aqua |
1. Ox Tackle............30 damage - Charges down column. (U)
2. Anger Punch..........25 Damage - Appears in front and punches. (U)
3. Fire Breath..........20 damage - Shoots out flames that attack column. (B)
4. Grand Burner.........50 damage - Smashes ground and lava spews out on the
panels that are highlighted. (B)

If you have played the first Star Force game, then you should be familiar with
Taurus Fire. He has all the same moves, except for one. Since Taurus is fire,
he is weak to aqua cards, but since you have yet to get any aqua cards, you
can't exploit his elemental weakness. Like Dark Phantom, he moves very slow,
so you should be able to dodge his moves with ease.

When you beat him, you get your first Mega Card.

After you defeat Taurus, Bud wakes up and doesn't remember a thing. Time to
call it a day, head back to your suite and try to talk to the Prez. She is
still mad, so shes making you sleep on the couch. So hit the sack and save
your game.

While your sleeping, a scene with Richie and Hyde takes place. Apparently the
snowball accident was their doing. Rich also has a EM being called Yeti.Uh oh,
looks like Richie is able to wave change into Yeti Blizzard! He seems to be
the abominable snowman that everyone has been hearing about.

The next day, everyone was invited to go skiing with Amy, but Luna is still
mad, so she won't be going with you guys. So head to the Foodtopia ski lift.
Once you arrive there, materialize your ski matter waves and head on up to the
top. A scene occurs, after that, ski on down the slopes back to Foodtopia.

When you get to the bottom, a blizzard starts to occur. Bud heads on to the
top to go help Amy. The ski lift was closed down before we could go up, so
were going to have to pulse in to make are way up. Begin to make your ascent.

| Bunny Slopes |
| BMW |
| AirSpred2.....Wave Road, can't miss it. |
| IceStage......After second purple sphere |

Make your way up via the wave road. Once you get to a little purple sphere,
a type of mini game begins. Its a skiing game, you have to help the target
amount of hertz to move on, hitting Trees lowers your HP and if you run into
a snowball, you lose a few hertz that you picked up. Continue on, and you will
eventually come to a second purple sphere. This mini game isn't that hard, so
you shouldn't have any problems. After the second one, you will get a call
from Bud. He found Amy, but shes passed out and he can't get down. He's at the
top of the slopes, so thats where we must head.

| BlckDmnd Run |
| BMW |
| Recover50.....Near the entrance |
| HPMem20.......After the 4th purple sphere|

Just keep on trucking to the top, picking up all GMW and BMW along the way.
Eventually, you will run into yet another purple sphere. This time 50 Hertz
you have to save. Continue on, and you will get to the fourth purple sphere.
Your almost done, just keep heading up. Get the HPMem20 thats right before the
final purple sphere. After that, save right before the skull panel, and get
ready for a fight.

|Boss| Yeti Blizzard | HP 700 | Difficulty: Easy | Weak: Elec |
1. Snowball Fall........30 damage - He Jumps and when he lands, snowballs
fall on the highlighted panels. (B)
2. Yeti Stomp...........60 Damage - Jumps off screen and comes crashing down
in front of you. (U)
3. Avalanche............30 damage - Beats chest, and a waves of snow appear.
(Blockable and Destroyable)

Yeti Blizzard moves allot quicker than the previous EM beings that you have
faced. His attacks are much more frequent, but when you learn his pattern,
he's not that hard. If you have VolticEye1 cards, I suggest you use them
because Yeti Blizzard is weak to electric cards. Also use the Taurus Fire
card to take off an easy 100 damage.

After you defeat Yeti Blizzard, The blizzard stops and you get a call from
Zack telling you that the Rescue workers are on there way. Bob Copper arrests
Rich Dotcom. After all that you become brothers with Bud and your link power
goes up by an additional 50. The scene switches to Hyde and Lady Vega who are
talking about Rich Dotcom's failure. They also talk about Geo's wave change is
different from theirs. That mysterious kid you met earlier appears, his name
is Solo. They start talking about an OOPArt.

C} Chapter 3 - A Nightmare at the Museum [OPR69]

| Echo Ridge |
| BMW |
| HPMem20.......Big Wave Shop |
| LrgEnrgy......Bargain Bin ES |
| FireSrch......Bargain Bin ES |
| PlusCanon.....Bud's Room |
| Whistle.......Zack's Room, go through |
| Bud's Room to get there. |
| LrgEnrgy......Bureau ES, in Luna's Room |
| FstBarr/45....Bureau ES, in Luna's Room |

Geo's watching TV, and the news is talking about Mega Man being a hero.
Mega Man is becoming quite famous. Mega wants to find out what people think
of the blue bomber, so head on outside and talk to everybody. After talking
to everybody, Geo hears a scream in the Big Wave shop so run on in there.
Inside we find Ken (who is a guy?) being terrorized by a virus. Pulse in and
defeat those viruses. Once you beat them, Ken is all duuuuuuude your the guy
from the news, and Geo's like yeah.... Pulse out and a scene occurs. Hey, it's
Sonia Strumm, your famous singer friend from the first Star Force game. Sonia
can also wave change with her FM-ian friend Lyra. Sonia wants to go on a date
with you to Wilshire Hills. So head on out.

*Before you leave for Wilshire, you can do several things:
1. Get all the BMW in Echo Ridge.
2. Download Zack's and Buds wallpapers from their computers.
3. Inspect Bud's bed to get a Blank Card.
4. Inspect Zack's Basketball Hoop to get a Blank Card.
5. Talk to Claud Pincer in the Big Wave Shop.
6. Exchange extra cards in the Tri-Trader in the Big Wave Shop.
7. Battle the EX version of Fire Taurus in Foodtopia ER
8. Battle Cancer Bubble in the Bunny Slopes ER area.
9. More Jobs/Quests/Missions to do.

| Jobs | Refer to Jobs/Quests section for details |
|*Ai Scronge.......Grizzly Peak....Reward: Whistle |
| Leroy Mann.......Grizzly Peak....Reward: HPMem10 |
| Yugo Astray......Peak Hotel......Reward: HPMem10 |
| Rolly Pollyn.....Suite...........Reward: ShrtCake |
|*Amy Gelande......Bunny Slopes....Reward: HP200/225 |
| Ema Nesia........BlckDmnd Run....Reward: FireSrch |
| |
|*Ai Scronge Requires 200 Link Power, unless you have real |
| brothers, you won't be able to do it yet. |
| |
|*Amy Gelande Requires a Sycthe1 Battle Card, you won't be |
| able to get that until later. |

Whatever you decide to do now or do later, head on over to Wilshire Hills
to continue the story.

| Wilshire Hills |

When you arrive, talk to Sonia, who is near the elevator. She talk a little
bit about her back story. Head up the elevator and Sonia wants to have a
sundae at the cafe. After which a air display pops up and talks about a
museum, that interest Geo, so they decide to go check it out. It's inside
the IFL Tower. So head over there.

| IFL Tower |
| BMW |
| LrgEnrgy......IFL Antenna ES, at the top |
| of IFL Tower2. Where you |
| fought Dark Phantom. |

Head on inside the IFL Tower to get to the museum.

| Museum |
| BMW |
| Bustglov......Right after you get to the |
| entrance to the wave road. |

When you arrive in the museum, the Producer guy that gave you those movie
tickets appears and lets Geo and Sonia tour the museum for free. Go to the
receptionist to get the Guide Matter Wave. Materialize the Guide to continue.
On the tour, you learn about the lost continent called Mu. Once you resume
control of Geo, start inspecting all the displays. When you inspect the
Ancient Star carrier, Mega decides to go into it, but when he goes near it,
the alarm triggers. Auto guards appear and try to take you away, but then
the producer comes and Geo apologies and says he accidentally touched an
exhibit. When the tour moves on, you learn about the lost tribes. Once again,
inspect all the displays to move on. When you move on, you learn about the
OOPArt (where have we heard that word from?). Then all of a sudden, black
holes start sucking up all the exhibits. Sonia convinces you to help, so go
and pulse in.

Geo and Sonia wave change, and notice a eyeball type thing. We must destroy
it. To get over there, inspect the wall where the Ninja exhibit is and it
will reveal a hidden passage. Make your way down, and all of a sudden a
blackhole will appear below you. Push the button that appears before it's to
late. If you fail to do it, you will be sucked into the Un-Dimension, with
all the other stuff that was sucked up. The exit randomly changes, so look
around for it and continue and try not to go in the black hole again. Once
you get to the eyeball, it teleports to the OOPArt and beings to suck it up.
Get to OOPArt, fastest way to do it is to pulse out, and pulse back in. Mega
grabs the OOPArt with his mouth and attempts to pull it out. Sonia destroys
the eyeball, and Mega swallows the OOPArt!? Sonia notices something weird,
happened to Mega Man. After all that, Sonia becomes your brother, and you get
an additional 50 Link Power and she gives a extra folder that you can edit.
As you head out, you will notice Bob Copper, talk to him and then you get an
e-mail from a Hertz who is asking for help. Sigh*, head over to Wilshire.

| Wilshire Hills |

Pulse in and head to the wave road in front of the shopping plaza. If you
haven't got the BMW behind the Link Power door, now is your chance. Head up
the ramp to the top of the shopping plaza building and talk to the hertz with
the helmet looking thing on his head. Apparently this guy is, uhhhh, Hot......
because he saw Geo and Sonia on a date....(ok,wierd?). He wants you to find
"ColdBody". You can find it in the Old Binoculars EM wave space at the IFL
Tower. Make sure to pulse out.

| IFL Tower |
| BMW |
| 800 Zenny.....Old Binoculars ES |
| Lrg Enrgy.....Old Binoculars ES |

Once here, inspect the binoculars on the bench and then pulse in at a
wavehole, and then pulse into the binoculars. Talk to the merchant hertz in
here and will give you the "ColdBody". Head back to the hertz and give him
his "ColdBody". Pulse out and head on home and go to sleep.

| Echo Ridge |

During the night Geo and Mega have a nightmare or something. Mega seems to be
hurting from the OOPArt he swallowed. Meanwhile, Hyde and Lady Vega discuss
the OOPArt and a little about Solo.

Once again Geo is watching the news and they talk about the hero Mega Man.
Everyone is meeting at the park so your friends can all hang out with each
other. When your arrive there, you see Solo talking to Ken about the blue
hero. Solo leaves and then your friends arrive. Your friends are all having
a good time until black holes start sucking up people. Time for you to pulse
in and save the day. You have to destroy all three of those Eye ball things.
But before you make your way over there, the OOPArt begins talking to you.
Once you regain control, those black holes will try to suck you up again, so
input the buttons that pop up, otherwise it's the Un-Dimension for you. Once
you destroy the three eye's, a scene occurs.

Everyone is free of the black holes thanks to you, but before you can
celebrate, a giant black hole appears above you and it shoots and then
Solo appears. Then, Solo Wave Changes into Rogue, he doesn't need a EM being
to Wave Change. Then a Eye ball appears and a Black Hole begins to swallow
your friends. Geo is getting he's butt kicked and his friends have gone
under the black hole....things don't look to good right now. Then the OOPArt
seems to give Mega Man some sort of hidden strength and the battle begins....

|Boss| Rogue | HP 800 | Difficulty: Hard | Weak: None |
1. 3-Hit Combo..........50 damage - He appears in front of you and hits you
three times. (B)
2. 5-Hit Combo..........80 damage - He appears in front of you and hits you
five times. (B)
2. Shockwave............30 damage - Shoots two shockwaves down
two columns. (B)
3. Rogue Fist...........50 damage - He goes to the back row and shoots out a
barrage of purple fists. (B)

Rogue is probably one of the hardest bosses in the game. This is just his
standard version, he gets much stronger. He has no elemental weakness, he
moves very fast, and hes attacks come quick giving you very little time to
react. Bring in some of your strongest chips. Paralyze him and then hit him
with a sword card works great. Just keep moving between panels and guard as
much as you can.

After the battle, Rogue is getting ready to battle again, but Lady Vega's
voice convinces him to retreat for now. Geo attempts to save everybody from
the black hole before it closes, but he only manages to rescue Luna.

D} Chapter 4 - Power of the OOPArt [QDP28]

| Echo Ridge |
| BMW |
| HPMem10.......Junk Box ES, in Bud's house|

| Jobs | Refer to Jobs/Quests section for details |
| Styg Dismal......Hills Blvd..,...Reward: HPMem20 |
|*Carma Iffy.......Wilshire Hills..Reward: HPMem10 |
| Han Gard.........Musuem...,,,,...Reward: Vdeo Game |
| Nival Peaks......Grizzly Peak....Reward: HPMem10 |
| Noira Crush......Peak Hotel......Reward: Sunglass |
| Blair Loude......Peak Hotel......Reward: 2000 Zenny |
| |
|*Carma Iffy requires 300 Link Power |

The next day, Geo is back to being emo(like in the first game) and gets a call
from the Prez to come to her place. But before you can head to Luna's house,
you have to help this man with the security dog house. Pulse into it, and talk
to the hertz. He wants a D.Enrgy, give him one to continue on. Pulse out and
return to the repair man. Head on to Luna's house. After Geo has he's emo
moment, head back to your house. Talk to your Mom, then head to your room and
a scene occurs. Then Geo has a dream, the OOPArt is once again talking to him.
Wanting to take over his body.

The next morning, the Prez calls you and tells you that shes coming over. So
Geo better get outta there fast. Before you leave your house, talk to your
mom. She tries and makes Geo feel better. Meanwhile...Luna is heading over
to your house and Hyde kidnaps her yet again. Geo gets a call from Hyde, he
tells you to head to the movie theatre. Sounds like a trap.

| Movie Theatre |

Pulse in when you arrive in Wilshire Hills, then head on over to the shopping
plaza. Make your way up to the movie theatre. When you get there, you will
find Dark Phantom on top of the haunted house with an unconscious Luna. He
summons some weird looking viruses. Make your way to his location and battle
all the solders along the way. Save your game and prepare for a fight. Looks
like the FM-ian Ophiuca is going to take over Luna's body again. Luna Wave
Changes into Queen Ophiuca.

|Boss| Queen Ophiuca | HP 1000 | Difficulty: Medium | Weak: Fire |
1. Snake Legion........35 damage - Summons snakes to attack every column(B)
2. Gorgon Eye..........35 damage - Shoots laser, causes stun.(B)
3. Serpent Tackle......60 damage - Charges down two columns.(U)

She isn't to difficult, but her Snake Barrage can be hard dodge, since she
constantly uses it. Her other moves aren't that hard to dodge. Use Fire cards,
such as FireRing2 or HeatUpper1. Taurus Fire will do 200 damage.

You get the Queen Ophiuca Mega Card for beating her.

After the battle, Luna awakes and is back to normal. Geo was hurt badly
during the fight and he is really tired. Hyde sends in more viruses. Geo
musters up the strength to fight them, but fails. The OOPArt gives Geo
strength and he defeats those viruses in a blink of an eye. He isn't himself
though, he begins to attack the Prez. The OOPArt is controlling him. The Prez
helps Geo control the OOPArt. You now have the ability to transform into your
Tribe! Time for a series of battles, but this time in your tribe form! Your
Link Power with Prez has now gone up even more.

E} Chapter 5 - The Loch Mess Monster [PLS87]

| Echo Ridge |

The next day.....

Head over to Prez house to discuss where to look for your friends. While
watching the TV, you see Zack on a channel in Loch Mess. Geo doesn't know
where Loch Ness is, so we have to go ask Ken Suthers of the Big Wave shop.
Talk to him and he doesn't tell you anything important. You get an e-mail from
anonymous, telling you to meet in the lobby of the Peak Hotel.

| Peak Hotel |
| BMW |
| D.Enrgy.......Canopy Bed ES, Bed in Suite|

When you get to the lobby, go right and talk to the person by the waterfall.
It's your Auto-Brother, the person you set up before you started the game.
S/he tells you that Loch Mess is in Netopia. You get to become Brothers with
s/he. You will now be able to double tribe. Head back to Echo Ridge and talk
to Luna.

| Echo Ridge |

Luna is going to fly to Loch Ness, Geo is going to take the satellite above
Luna's house to Loch Mess. Well for now, just go to sleep and you leave

Time to head out, Pulse in and head to the top of Luna's house via the wave
road. Inspect it and then head on out on the Sky Wave road.

| Echo Ridge Sky Way |
| PMW |
| BublFist......Southern most part of area |
| BMW |
| Recover80.....Not to far from entrance |

Talk to the hertz up ahead and he will tell you where Loch Mess is. When
the road breaks off into two directions, go right. The virus encounter rate
is really high here, so prepare to be annoyed. Go down and you will find a
Purple Mystery Wave(PMW), if you have an unlocker, you will be able to unlock
it. It contains a Weapon for Mega, BublFist. Keep going down and you will run
into a hertz who will give you something if you have a high link power. Head
back up and continue going north and you will come to the Mess Village SW.

| Mess Village Sky Way |
| BMW |
| PuffBlst1.....You can't really miss it. |
| HPMem20.......Down at 4-way intersection |

Go left and then take the panel going up. Keep following those wave panels,
it's pretty much straight forward, collect the BMW as you continue and you will
come to the wave hole to Mess Village.

| Mess Village |
| PMW |
| WhtMeteor.....Corn Dog Stnd ES |
| BMW |
| HPMem20.......Above building. |
| FlotShoe/240..Cock-A-Doodle ES |
| Blank Card....Cock-A-Doodle ES |
Welcome to another country, you auto pulse out and then Luna shows up.
Apparently, you can't understand the language here, so your going to have to
find someone who understands you. Head up and over the bridge and talk to
the guy who is dressed weird. The guy is a total jerk, he gives you a
translator and he films it so he looks like a really nice guy.

Now that your back in control, start talking to everybody. You will come
across Mr. Copper again (stalker). He's here investigating Messie this time.
After you talk to everybody head to the observation deck. Luna is scared to
cross it because she hears a buzzing sound. Pulse in and check it out. Talk to
the big pink hertz. It seems he is in a dilly of a pickle (ha ha). He needs a
ability from another hertz, he's in the center of Mess Village. Head down, and
take the wave road near the house, it leads to a small island in the center,
must be it. Talk to the gold hertz and he will give you the ability. Head back
and give it to the pink hertz on the bridge. Pulse out and head back to the
Prez and make your way to the Observation Deck.

| Observation Deck |

Talk to the guy looking at the water and inspect the binoculars to reveal an
EM wave space. Then head up the elevator and talk to everybody.

*Inspect the binoculars to the north to receive a HPMem10.*

After you talk to everybody, head back to the village. Romero is shooting a
show, when all of a sudden Zack appears! After the show ends, go talk to
Zack. He doesn't want to leave. Talk to the Prez, then head in the direction
Zack went.

| Messie's Cove |
| BMW |
| AirSpred3.....Behind the waterfall |
| LrgEnrgy......Shepherd ES |
| HPMem20.......Shepherd ES |

Make your way to Zack, on the way inspect one of the sheep to reveal a EM
wave space.

*Inspect the pink sheep by the water to receive a HPMem10.*

*Wave Change and inspect the waterfall to get the Mega Weapon: ZphyrWng*

Talk to Zack and he still refuses to leave, so head back to the Prez.

Then a scene with Zack occurs. He saw Mr. Romero....he now realizes that
the Messie that he saw was just a fake that Mr. Romero made for ratings. He
traps Zack into the submarine. Then Hyde appears and gives Mr. Romero a
Ancient Star Carrier with an EM being. He then wave changes into Plesio Surf!

A Tsunami is coming, run to the Observation deck. The whole Mess Village is
underwater. Zack calls and tells you he is at the bottom of the Loch. We need
to save him, but to do that we need to get the DiveMch Matter Wave. Talk to
the man with the matter wave and will give you it. Pulse in and head down to
the bottom of the loch.

| Loch Mess1 |
| BMW |
| WhtMeteor.....Next to the rainbow scallop|
| turtles on the cliff. |

In this area, you have to find the buried hertz's in the ground to move on to
the next area. You are giving clues to the locations, find them and dig them
up. The are pretty easy if you use the clues. On another note, if you are
using the Saurian Tribe-On, I suggest you switch it off, because most of the
enemies are aqua viruses. If you have the Zerker form, then battles will be
even easier for you.

Page 1:
Location: Dig in front of the sunken raft.

Page 2:
Location: Dig in front of the two starfish.

Page 3:
Location: Dig in front of the Crown, where all the treasure is.

*There are several mystery waves in the ground you can dig up, perhaps I will
add a section for it at a later time.

Head over to the next area.

| Loch Mess2 |

This time it's far more tricker. Hopefully this will help you.

Page 4:
Location: Dig in front of the submarine.

Page 5:
Location: Dig in the cave that you can't go in, near the red octopus.

Page 6:
Location: Edge of the cliff looking over the hertz. The cliff that the mermaid
is looking toward. Nope it isn't the mermaid it was referring to,
tricky eh?

Page 7:
Location: Dig in the center of the five stones. Not to hard to find.

Page 8:
Location: Dig next to the overturned chair, not the obvious one, but the one
slightly hidden. Take the narrow path to get there.

After you found them all, proceed toward the door and save your game, because
I'm sure you know whats about to go down.

|Boss| Plesio Surf | HP 1200 | Difficulty: Medium | Weak: Elec |
1. Thunder Breath.......45 damage - Shoots electricity out of his mouth and
it will paralyze you. (B)
2. Aqua Fang............45 damage - Appears in your area and bites on two
panels. (U)
3. Tidal Wave...........80 damage - Sends a giant wave toward you, damage
the whole area. If there are rocks, those
will be pushed back and will hit you. (B)

Plesio Surf is weak to electricity. The two works you will have to work
around, unfortunately, one of them moves. He constantly moves from row to row.
He isn't that difficult, but actually getting a hit in can be hard.

After the battle, Geo rescues Zack and you become brothers with him and your
Link Power goes up by 50.


F} Chapter 6 - Welcome to Whazzap! [TRC35]

| Echo Ridge |
| BMW |
| LrgEnrgy......Pool ES, Luna's Pool |
| AquaSrch......Pool ES |
| HPMem10.......Step ES, Zack's Stool |

Zack calls you and tells you to head to his house ASAP. After seeing Zack,
head to Ken in the Big Wave shop to find out where the country called,
"Whazzap" is located. Now that you know where it is at, head back home and
hit the sack.

Next morning, Pulse-In and head out to Whazzap via the Sky Wave. It lies
beyond Mess Village, so make your way there.

*Before you go, you have access to more jobs:

| Jobs | Refer to Jobs/Quests section for details |
| Snaila Mail......Echo Ridge..,...Reward: HPMem20 |
| Chase Winde......Echo Ridge......Reward: P Reprt |
| Hale Knitter.....Wilshire Hills..Reward: Scarf |
| Joe Hawnt........Movie Theater...Reward: Charm |
| Heidy Tidy.......Peak Hotel......Reward: ElecSrch |
| Minor Angler.....Mess Village....Reward: HPMem10 |
| Alec Tribec......Messie's Cove...Reward: PzleBook |
| D'nwan Draun.....Messie's Cove...Reward: ChrSvr/150 |
| Luz Stufalot.....Obs. Deck.......Reward: HPMem10 & Blank Card|

| Whazzap Sky Wave |
| BMW |
| SprBarrier....Near wavehole to Whazzap |

It's hard to tell you where exactly to go, but just search around and you
will find the wave hole to Whazzap.

| Whazzap |
| BMW |
| MegCls+1/340..Electric Rock ES |
| HevyCanon.....Above Unique Building |
| ????????????..Behind 600 Link Power Door |

Whazzap! Luna and Zack magically appear and then a bunch of villages
magically appear and then they magically leave....wierd. When you have
control of Geo again, talk to the Shaman, who is unique looking, then talk
to everybody else. Geo and Zack want to check the Whazzap Lines while they
wait for Bud. So head to the North.

| Whazzap Lines |
| BMW |
| Paralyzr......Above entrance from Village|
| HPMem10.......Old Dragonfly ES |
| Blank Card....Old Dragonfly ES |

If you notice, all of these lines in the ground are shapes of the EM-beings
that you have faced, and one that your going to fight soon.

*Inspect the panel near the hertz line to get get a HPMem10*

Talk to everybody to continue. Head back to the village and the villagers
start to pray to a person named Budicus. Yup, thats Bud. Attempt to talk
to him and he ignores you. Head back to the Whazzap Lines to come up with a
plan. The plan is to make Buds favorite meal, Ginger Beef. We need to find
all the ingredients.

1.Beef - Inspect the giant piece of meet behind the Shaman.
2.Onion - Inspect the plants to the south of where the giant statue is.
3.Rice - Talk to the lady in purple and she will give it to you.
4.Egg - Pulse in at the Whazzap Lines, head north and take the wave road
to the right and you will come across a birds nest, inspect it.

*Inspect the sandwich fossil on the wall to get the Mega Weapon, ZenyFndr.

Return to the Prez when you have all the ingredients. Use the CookMchn
matter wave to make the Ginger Beef. Then watch the plan in action.

The next to Luna and then head toward the village.
Uh oh....Solo appears, and he doesn't seem any happier. Pulse in and save Bud.

|Boss| Rogue | HP 800 | Difficulty: Easy | Weak: None |
1. 3-Hit Combo..........40 damage - He appears in front of you and hits you
three times. (B)
2. 5-Hit Combo..........80 damage - He appears in front of you and hits you
five times. (B)
2. Shockwave............30 damage - Shoots two shockwaves down
two columns. (B)
3. Rogue Fist...........50 damage - He goes to the back row and shoots out a
barrage of purple fists. (B)

He hasn't changed at all from the first time you fought him. Even his HP is
the same amount. This time you know his patterns, you have stronger chips and
you have more HP. You should find this fight very easy.

After the fight, Hollow takes Solo back to Lady Vega and Bud is unconscious.
Head back to the village when you get control again. Your Link Power with
Bud will increase once he wakes up.

Pulse in and head toward the Shaman. After the scene pulse out and talk to
Luna. Head back to the Whazzap Lines and inspect the tent. After that pulse
in and head back to Echo Ridge via the Sky Wave.

Meanwhile....Hyde appears before the Shaman and entrusts him with an ancient
star carrier containing the EM-Being Condor. He EM Wave changes into Terra

| Sky Wave |

Once you regain control of Geo, make your way toward Echo Ridge. When you
arrive at Echo Ridge SW, you get a phone call from Bud who says they were
kidnapped by a giant bird and were taking back to the village. Now before
you start making your way back toward Whazzap, talk to the Train person,
and tell him yes and he gives you the Whazzap Key which is a shorty cut to
Whazzap from Echo Ridge. Head back to the entrance of Echo Ridge SW and
unlock that locked door and take the shortcut and head back to Whazzap.

| Whazzap |

Terra Condor took Luna,Bud, and Zack to the ruins, follow him over there
and help out your friends.

| Whazzap Ruins1 |
| BMW |
| AtomMine1.....Right next to the entrance |
| BustrPanel....Above the third flame hertz|
| pedestal. |

When you arrive in the area, the flame hertz will tell you that your going to
have to rescue the other flame hertz and return them to there pedestals. But
beware of the bird in the sky. When you rescue a hertz and are taking him to
his pedestal, the bird will come swooping down and take the hertz back to
where you found him. To prevent that, run into the ruins when he comes down.

The first flame herts is in the upper left area. Take him to the bottom right

The second flame herts is to the right of the entrance. Take him to top left

The third flame hertz is right below the second one. Take him to the top right

The fourth flame hertz is way in the back area near the third hertz. Take him
to the bottom left pedestal.

Then make your way to the next area.

| Whazzap Ruins2 |
| BMW |
| MegCls+1/340..Left of the entrance. |
| HPMem20.......In the center left area. |

The first flame hertz is to the left of the entrance. Take him to the top
right pedestal.

The second flame hertz is north of the first one. Take him to the bottom left

The third set of flame hertz are near the first ones pedestal and his brother
is near the HPMem20 BMW, Take them both to the bottom left one where the two
are surrounded by water.

The fourth set of flamer hertz, one is just south of the third sets pedestals.
Another one is just to the east of the the third sets pedestals. The last one
is on the wave road ramp near the barrier. Take all three of them to the top
left pedestals.

Then make your way toward the skull panel, save your game, and prepare for
a fight.

But before the fight, listen to Terra Condors Americanized translation. He is
going to tickle Luna and company forever.......yeah most likely in the
Japanese version, he was going to sacrifice them to the gods of Mu. Well, it's
pretty funny though. :)

|Boss| Terra Condor | HP 1400 | Difficulty: Hard | Weak: Fire |
1. Missile Bird..........60 damage - Green ones are blockable and destoryable
2. Wing Raider...........70 damage - Unblockable
3. Flying Impact.........100 damage - Unblockable


After the battle, the Shaman returns to normal and apologizes, all is good.

G} Chapter 7 - Lost in the Bermuda Maze [HOL77]

| Echo Ridge |

One week later.....

Geo has a nightmare about Sonia and he is really worried about her. Bud calls
and tells you that he thinks he knows where Sonia is. Head over to Buds place
and talk to him. Apparently a pilot saw a girl in pink when he had to make an
emergency landing. The pilot is in Loch Mess, so had over there via the Sky

*Before you go, you have access to more Jobs/Quests.

| Jobs | Refer to Jobs/Quests section for details |
| Van Geaux........Wilshire Hills..Reward: PlsmaGun3 |
| Kaz Nova.........Wilshire Hills..Reward: RdrMisil3 |
| Ruina Recker.....Shopping Plaza..Reward: HP+300/360 |
| Meala DeVour.....Foodtopia.......Reward: HPMem10 |
| Chatty Ditz......Foodtopia.......Reward: OldStrap |
| Y'Gat Riddem.....Whazzap.........Reward: SilvMteor |
| Wazafowonwon.....Whazzap.........Reward: HPMem20 |
|*Wherzat..........Whazzap Lines...Reward: HPMem20 |
|*Whazzat..........Whazzap Lines...Reward: 3000 Zenny |
| Kyanaigotu.......Whazzap Lines...Reward: Run-Away |
| Lennycia.........Whazzap Lines...Reward: HPMem10 |

| Loch Mess |
| PMW |
| HPMem20.......Octy ES, Red Octopus |
| BMW |
| 1800 Zenny....Sunken Ship ES |
| LrgEnrgy......Sunken Ship ES |
| LrgEnrgy......Octy ES, Red Octopus |

You will find the pilot in Messie's Cove, you can't miss him. He has proof
of seeing the girl in pink, but it's in a blackbox at the bottom of the loch.
Time to dive into the loch, head to the observation deck and use the divemch
matter wave. You will run into Mr. Copper yet again on your way. When your
underwater, head to Loch Mess2 and go to were the candle holder, torchere is,
and you will find the blackbox next to it. Pulse out and head back to the

Sigh*, he now needs a projector to play the tape. Head back to the TV News Van
to find a guy with a camera. talk to him for the projector. Return to the
Pilot once more. Materialize it and you will see a quick glimpse of Harp Note.
The pilot says that the picture was taken in the Bermuda Maze. Pulse in and
take the Sky Way.

| Sky Wave |

Head toward the wavehole to Whazzap. When you come to the point where you
usually head up, don't. Go right till you come to a locked gate. Talk to the
hertz and he will tell you that the door is broken. Inspect the door to head
into the Bermuda Maze.

| Bermuda Maze |

Right when you enter, you will see Harp Note. She is obviously not herself.
She cuts her brotherband with you and then attacks you and knocks you out
telling you to leave her alone. She appears to be working for Lady Vega.

| Echo Ridge |

Geo is back in he's house and is pretty depressed yet again. He gets a email
from the Prez and decides to bail on her again. When you get control, head
to the bus stop and Geo will automatically go to Wilshire Hills.

| Wilshire Hills |

Go up the elevator and head up the ramp and inspect the Sonia air display for
a flashback sequence to occur. Geo starts to talk about his feelings when the
ground starts to shake and the one called Hollow magically appears and he
summons a bunch of viruses to attack the people. Pulse in and help all five
people. The viruses aren't that difficult. After you defeat them all, Hollow
introduces himself to you, and then Solo appears and wave changes. Time for a

|Boss| Rogue EX | HP 1200 | Difficulty: Impossible| Weak: None |
This fight can't be one. You won't even be able to touch him with any attacks.
Just attack him and dodge as much as you can until the battle ends.

Right when Solo was going to finish you off, you magically disappear. Sonia
rescues you. She still won't come back with you, she says she is working for
Lady Vega and will obey Hollows orders.

| Echo Ridge |

Head back into your house and go to sleep. During the night, a scene with
Sonia and Hollow occurs. It sheds some light on her reasons for joining them.
Geo has a dream of Sonia and then he wakes up. Geo wants to leave before the
Prez can come, so head outside and make a run for it. Awwww, they ambushed
you before you could leave. Geo tells them everything, even Sonia being
able to wave change into Harp Note.

After the conservation, Geo is once again happy. So pulse in an head back to
the Bermuda Maze and meet up with Sonia.

| Bermuda Maze |

Right when you enter, you will once again be greeted by Sonia. She will
continue to state that she is your enemy. Geo trusts her and then you fight.

|Boss| Harp Note | HP 1400 | Difficulty: Easy | Weak: None |
1. Shock Note - 70 Damage, (Blockable)
2. Machine Gun String - 60 Damage, also paralyzes you. (Unblockable)
3. Pulse Song - 100 Damage, also causes random status effect.(B)

If you have played the first Star Force game, then you should be familiar with
all of Harp Notes attacks. She really isn't that hard, all of her attacks are
easy to dodge.

After the battle, Sonia explains her situation and apologizes. You become
brothers with Sonia again, but this time the link power is much higher. Now
that you and Sonia are friends again, head deeper into the Bermuda Maze.

For the next part your going to have to follow a little guy for the correct
path. If you go down the wrong path, you have to fight a virus battle. You
could just follow him, or I can tell where to go....

| BMW |
|SlvMeteor |

The room's are just like a giant X, so think of the leg's of the X when I say
turn top left or bottom left.

1.Take the bottom left path.
2.Take the top left path.
3.Take the top left path.
4.Take the top left path
5.Take the top right path.
6.Take the bottom right path.
7.Take the bottom right path.
8.Take the top right path.

You will now be in an area with multi colored stars in the sky. Use the Sky
screen to know which colored Hertz are telling the truth, though I will just
tell you what path to take.

1.Take the top left.
2.Take the top right.
3.Take the top left.
4.Take the bottom left.
5.Take the bottom left.

Now you should arrive in the final maze section.

1.Take the bottom left.
2.Take the top left.
3.Take the bottom left.
4.Take the top left.
5.Take the top right.

And now a scene will occur. Then your back in control, take the top left path
and save before you go in. Head up the road and another scene will begin.

|Boss| Hollow | HP 1600 | Difficulty: Hard | Weak: Wood |
1. Thunder Bazooka - 80 Damage - Blockable
2. Thunder Rain - 120 Damage - Blockable

Throughout the entire fight, Hollow will be summoning different viruses on
those strange looking panels. The Queen Ophuicus card works wonders for this
fight, because not only will it replace 2 columns of those summoning panels,
but turn them into poison panels. Hollow is a pretty hard fight.

Hollow takes he's leave your rival Solo appears. Sonia sends you flying
because she doesn't want you to get hurt, so she takes on Solo by herself.
Save your game and make your way back there. Solo beat Harp Note up. Solo
tells us a little bit of he's back story and why he hates Link Power.

|Boss| Rogue EX | HP 1200 | Difficulty: Hard | Weak: None |
1. 3-hit combo - 90 Damage - Blockable
2. 5-hit Combo -120 Damage - Blockable
3. Shockwave - 60 Damage - Blockable
4. Rogue Fist - 80 Damage - Blockable

When he loses half his HP he pulls out a sword and he does several sword
combos. He becomes very difficult at this point. Also he has a barrier that
will randomly cancel out attacks when you hit him. Not much I can say will
help your fight, just learn his attack pattern and use strong cards.

After you defeat Solo, everyone pases out and Hyde comes along and takes the
OOPArt from Geo.

H) Chapter 8: The Continent of Mu [MU101]

A few days later....

| Echo Ridge |

Geo wakes up and finds out Sonia is in the hospital and is in critical
condition. Bud and Zack call and tell you to watch the TV. Head to your
living room TV to find that Lady Vega is revealing her plans to the whole
planet. You learn that even without the OOPArt, you can still Tribe-On.
Now head to the Bermuda Maze.

| Bermuda Maze |

Right when you walk up you will run into Dark Phantom and he will suck you
into a blackhole where you will have to fight a series of virus battles.
After the battles, find the exit outta the Un-Dimension. Once your out,
you will be in Wilshire Hills. Then, the continent of Mu rises from the
water and is floats in the sky. It soon disappears and were going to have
to wait till tomorrow to go to Mu. So head back home and hit the sack.

| Echo Ridge |

The next day.....

Geo gets a call from Zack and he tells you a little about Vega. Head outside
to find Mu back in the sky. Vega sends down thousands of EM Beings. Pulse in
and go help those people. When you attempt to help them, the people start
acting funny and actually wanting to join the Neo Mu Empire. Inspect one of
their star carriers to reveal that they lost all their link power. Luna calls
you and tells you to come over to her place. Pulse out and make your way over.
Everyone says goodbye and wish Geo luck. After that head to Mu! Just head to
the Bermuda Maze to get there.

| Bermuda Maze |

Talk to the merchant at the entrance and buy as many HPMem20 from him as you
can, because your going to be needing a lot of HP for the final fight. Talk
to the guy at the exit to the next area to learn the paths you must take to
get to Mu.

When you go to the next area, the guy will say Mu is to the right, so go that

Remember to think of an X with these directions. UP left would be the top left
leg of the X, so just remember X.

1.Take the top right path.
2.Take the bottom right path.
3.Take the bottom left path.
4.Take the top right path.
5.Take the top left path.

Now just follow the path till you come to Mu. Also make sure to buy plenty
of D.Enrgy from the merchant at the end, because you will probably need them.
Sadly he charges you 200 Zenny more than the normal cost of a D.Enrgy.

| Sky Staircase |
*save before you head up.
When you go up the staircase, you will run into Hyde.

|Boss| Dark Phantom EX | HP 1500 | Difficulty: Easy | Weak: None |
1. Stick Sword - 80 Damage - Blockable
2. Phantom Claw - 120 Damage - Unblockable
3. Phantom Slash - 115 Damage - Blockable

He is no different from before, only that he has a new attack which all you
have to do is block.

Lady Vega gives Hyde even more power after we just beat him...not good. Then
Solo appears and beats Dark Phantom up then Hollow appears and says they no
longer need him and knock him out. Once you regain control, head into Mu.

| Mu |
| BMW |
| RdrMisil3 - Right side wave road. |
| HP+400 - Right side wave road. |
| D.Enrgy - Priest Statue ES,after Yeti.B|

Head up the stairs and inspect the stone in between the two hertz's to get a
piece of the puzzle. Head up to the top to come to a barrier, inspect it. We
need to find 4 tablets. We already have one, so take the wave roads on both
sides and find the remaining three. Avoid the sword viruses, otherwise you
will have to fight them, unless you input the correct lines in before three
seconds. There are two tablets on the left side, and one on the right side.
Once you gotten all four of the tablets, put the them in order....or I could
just tell you the order.

Kath - "There was a tribe of people with the power to see EM waves... The Mu.

Fon - "That special power of Mu was the object of fear from other peoples of
the world, who sought to drive them out."

Wir - "Their search led them to Earth's End. And there they found the Great
Being, the source of all EM waves."

Mir - "The Mu people got their power to manipulate EM waves from the Great

Now that you know the order, you can draw the symbols on the tablets. Then
head on to the next area. A yeti EM body prevents you from going up. He then
wave changes and you have to fight Yeti BlizzardEX. Beat him and continue on.

| Room of Heroes |
| BMW |
| PlsmaGun3.....Look for it while getting |
| HPMem20.......the tablets. |
| HPMem10.......Murian ES, after PlsioSurf |
| Blank Card....Murian ES. after PlsioSurf |

Once again your going to have to get 4 stone tablets to continue on.

Tuk - "The Great Being first gave the Mu language."

Zul - "The Mu used language to control EM waves and created a prosperous

Ebesh- "The Mu technology for Materializing EM waves allowed their
civilization to advance. And for a time lived in peace..."

Masa - "One day Invaders appeared in the Mu's land, Earth's End, and tried to
drive out the people of Mu."

Write down the symbols if you must, input them in that order. Once you do you
will have to fight Plesio SurfEX.

| Room of Genesis |
| PMW |
| GigClass+1/500....Crest ES, |
| BMW |
| K.Knckle |
| Recover200 |

When you enter, a short scene will come up and then your back in control.
Once again, find the four tablets and return to the barrier and input the
symbols in the correct order.

Foh - "After the appearance of the invaders, the Mu were divided into those
who embraced war and those who rejected it."

Fai - "Humans who rejected war,forsook their land and scattered across the
Earth...And those who embraced war, used the power of EM waves to
raise their land into the sky."

Rai - "Those Mu who left Earth used EM warriors to wipe out the Invaders."

Chan - "The Mu in the sky conquered all of the peoples on the ground and ruled
the Earth..."

Input the final four symbols and you will have to fight Terra CondorEX.

*Inspect the Ancient Star Carrier after the fight to get a HPMem10.

Make your way to the next area.

| Mu |

A scene with Hollow and Rogue will happen then your back in control. Then
make your way to up the stairs and save your game and prepare for the Final

|Final Boss| Le Mu | HP 2000 | Difficulty: Hard | Weak: None |


Congratulations! You just beat the game! Watch the Ending and Enjoy!

Of course there is plenty of extra stuff to do, including a whole new secret
area and three more bosses you have yet to face.

I) Chapter 9: Apollo Flame [SAP10]

Now that you have beat the game, your probably asking yourself, now what?
Well there is quite a bit of stuff actually.

1. Talk to Pat in WhazzapRuins1 to fight with Gemini Spark.
2. There are now several more Jobs/Missions to do. Also, if you do the
in-game brother's Jobs, you will increase your Link Power with them.

| Jobs | Refer to Jobs/Quests section for details |
| Hope Stelar......Geo's LvRoom....Reward: Holy Panel |
| Aaron Boreal.....Shopping Plaza..Reward: HPMem20, Blank Card |
| Bob Copper.......IFL Tower1......Reward: AquaSrch |
| Gredy Miser......Musuem..........Reward: WoodSrch |
| Rich Dotcom......Grizzly Peak....Reward: 6000 Zenny |
| Mr. Gelande......Foodtopia.......Reward: SrchEye |
|*Gerry Romero.....Mess Village....Reward: TradeTix |
| Tayle Spinn......Messie's Cove...Reward: TradeTix |
| Shudder Bugz.....Obs. Deck.......Reward: SrchEye |
| The Shaman.......Whazzap.........Reward: AtomMine3*1 |
| Luna Platz.......Luna's Room.....Reward: Cookie, LinkPower+20|
| Bud Bison........Luna's Room.....Reward: HP+500/500 , LP+20 |
| Zack Temple......Luna's Room.....Reward: GigCls+1/500, LP+50 |
| Sonia Strumm.....Luna's Room.....Reward: Recover300,WP,LP+20 |
| |
| *Gerry Romero requires 500 Link Power |

Now for the Secret Area.....

When you return to your game, pulse out of Mu, and you will get a e-mail from
a mysterious person. The e-mail tells you to come to Lady Vega's Hideout for a
present. You will find Lady Vega's hideout where you first fought Hollow in
the Bermuda Maze.

Head there and you will find a wave hole, take it and you will be transported
into Vega's Hideout. Inspect the sphere to get the AltFutre item. Then inspect
the bamboo blinds that Vega always was in to get a ChrgPsn/220. Then inspect
the monitor on the left side to get a IndFrag4. After that pulse out. Then
pulse back in and head to the Satellite Dish for a wave hole to appear in
Echo Ridge ER. Head in there and it will take you to the secret area of the
game, which is an alternate future. Save your game before you enter.

| Alt. Echo Ridge |
| BMW |
| Recover300....Above the Big Wave |
| HPMem10.......BrokenBusstop ES |

When you arrive, you will have to fight TaurusFireIF.

After you defeat him, make your way up to where Luna swimming pool is to find
a wave hole. Take it to go to a new area.

*Inspect the Dog house in front of Buds house for IndFrag3.*

The encounter rate of battles is increased really high, battles are much more
frequent and the enemies are very difficult, so be cautious before heading

| Trans Dimension1 |
| BMW |
|AtomMine3......Behind Harp Note and Ophuicus Seal |
|IceGrnde*1.....Behind Yeti,Plesio,Cancer Seal |
|RdrMisil3*1....Terra and Gemini Seal |
|Recover300 |
|Guardian.......Behind General Auriga's Seal |

Before you head up, save.

It's Dark PhantomIF, your going to have to defeat him to continue. He has 2200
hit points, and he moves very fast, so make sure your ready for him.

After you defeat him, in order to continue, your going to have to break the
seven seals and fight several IF versions of EM baddies.

Pick a wave hole and go through all seven of the seals to move on to the next
area. Each seal has one IF version of a boss.

| Alt. Wilshire Hills |
| BMW |
| Blank Card....BrokenDisplay ES |
| TradeTix......BrokenDisplay ES |
| 10000 Zenny |
*Inspect the dead hertz to get a Solo Wallpaper.*

In here you will have to fight HarpNoteIF.
After you defeat her, Harp Note's seal will be broken.

| Alt. LochMess2 |
| BMW |
| HolyPanel.....Near the chair. |

You will have to fight CancerBubbleIF in this location.
Once you defeat him, his seal will be broken.

| Alt. BlkDmdRn |
| BMW |
| ChrgIce/100 |

You will have to fight YetiBlizzardIF in this location. He has 3200 HP.
Once you defeat him, his seal will be broken.

| Alt. Whazzap Lines |
| BMW |
| WoodGrnde*3 |

You will have to fight GeminiSparkIF in this location. They both have 1800 HP.
Once you defeat them, their seal will be broken.

| Alt. IFL Tower2 |
| PMW |
| Aura..........Near the Merchant |

You will have to fight QueenOphiucaIF. She has 2600 HP.
Once you defeat her, her seal will be broken.

| Alt. Messie's Cove |
| BMW |
| HPMem10.......StuckWindmill ES |
| HP+300/270 |

You will have to fight PlesioSurfIF. He has 3000 HP.
Once you defeat him, his seal will be broken.

| Alt. WhazzapRuins2 |
| BMW |
| Recover300....WhazzapMaiden ES |
| MegCls+1/260 |

You will have to fight TerraCondorIF. He has 2600 HP.
Once you defeat him, his seal will be broken.

| Trans Dimension1 |

Now that you broken all seven seals, you can now access the wave hole in the
center of the area, but before you go, make sure to unlock those gates with
BMW in them.

Once you take the wave hole, your going to notice a new boss, make sure you
save before you approach him.

|Boss| General Auriga | HP 1800 | Difficulty: Easy | Weak: None |
With all the battles that you have been through to get to this point, this guy
shouldn't be much trouble. He is really slow but he's attacks take quite a bit
of your HP down. He may be intimidating when you first see him, but he is a
really easy.

After you defeat him, head back to find a gate which will open now that you
have defeated General Auriga. Then head on to the next area.

| Trans Dimension2 |
| BMW |
|SideSlct/600..........Seal which requires you to have all the Battle Cards |
|FstAura/250...........Seal which requires you to beat RogueSX |
|M.Breath..............Seal which requires you to do all the Jobs/Quests |
|SpiritFury*2..........Seal which requires you to get six real brothers |
|AutoLock/600..........Seal which requires you to defeat all SP forms of |
| bosses in 10 seconds or less. |
|SprArmr/600...........No Seal to this one. |
|GigaCard002...........Seal which requires you to defeat all EM Beings in |
| the Lost World, that includes Apollo Flame. |
|100000 Zenny..........Seal which requires your Link Power to be 1000 or more|
|WhtMeteor*3...........Seal which requires you to fight in 50 online battles |
|Guardian*1............Seal which requires you to have all the Mega Cards |
|GigaMine*3............Seal which requires you to equip all IndiFragments |
|FMBraclt..............Hidden path before Apollo Flame |

This area is the final secret area and it is very big. There are many BMW that
you probably won't have access to yet. You will have to fight the remaining IF
versions of the bosses.

Every time you come to a skull panel, save, because your going to fight a IF
version boss. The first one you will face will be KungFooKidIF with 3000 HP
and he moves VERY fast. After you beat him, move on and you will come to a
seal which requires you to have at least 100 different standard class cards.
If you don't have that many, I suggest you go to the Battle Card Locations
section and start gathering them.

Continue on and you will come to a second skull panel, save and you will have
to fight HollowIF with 2800 HP. He is rather difficult.

After you defeat him you will come to a seal which requires you to have ALL of
the standard class cards. Refer to the Battle Card Locations section and get
them all in order to continue.

Now that you have collected all the Standard Class Cards, you will be able to
face Apollo Flame. Make your way up the path and save before the skull panels.

|Boss| Apollo Flame | HP 2400 | Difficulty: Medium | Weak: Aqua |
Apollo Flame as you might of guessed, is a Fire enemy, so remember to make use
of his weakness. Before you can damage him, you must destroy his fire barrier,
which only takes a few shots from your blaster, but it regenerates a few
seconds after destroying it. If you have real life brothers, then this fight
won't be any trouble, but if you are on your own and no Tribe King, then it
will be a much harder fight for you. CancerBubbleSP is a good card to use,
followed by a hard hitting electric chip will do quite a bit of damage. If
your using Wood Ninja, bad idea. Also try not to Double Tribe to ninja,
cause that will cancel out your tribe-on. Just remember water is your friend.

After you defeat Apollo Flame, he mentions gathering the six badges. For
beating him, you get the Tribe Badge. The six badges are icons you will see
on the Title Screen of the version you are playing. The six badges are:

1. MegaMan Badge - Complete the main story.
2. Tribe Badge - Defeat Apollo Flame.
3. S Comp Badge - Collect all the Standard Class Cards.
4. M Comp Badge - Collect all the Mega Class Cards.
5. G Comp Badge - Collect all the Giga Class Cards.
6. Mu Badge - Defeat Le Mu Xa

Once you collect the first five you can fight Le Mu Xa which is a buffed up
version of Le Mu. After you defeat him and boot up your game again, you will
get an e-mail from Solo telling you to raise your link power with your four
in game brothers, which you can do by doing their Jobs/Quests. Once you have
done that, defeat Le Mu Xa and watch the credits, but instead of Solo taking
you back to Echo Ridge, you will be at the Whazzap Ruins and you will have to
fight RogueSX, the hardest boss in the game. Once you defeat him you get a
screen with all the main characters and it saying Congratulations!

Once you have done all of that, you have truly finished the game. Now the only
thing for you to do is compete in WiFi matches and create awesome battle card

Congratulations! You have completed Mega Man Star Force 2! Now play the other
version on your game!

4. Jobs/Quests/Missions [JQM99]

The missions go in order of availability.

*Use Ctrl+F to search for the person that you are looking for.*

| Name | Location | When Available | Reward |
| Don McCard | Echo Ridge | After Dark Phantom Scenario | Unlocker |
|He wants a Firering1 Battle Card, if you don't have one by now, I would be |
|very surprised. You can get Firering1 in Wilshire Hills. |
| Bonnie Amora | Echo Ridge | After Dark Phantom Scenario | AttckPanel |
|She wants to know what foods this guy in Hills. Blvd likes. So head to |
|Hills Blvd. and pulse in and have mega go into the guy standing by the |
|elevators star carrier. Head back to the lady and claim your reward. |
| Kate Chizer | Hills Blvd. | After Dark Phantom Scenario | HPMem10 |
|She wants to give a quiz! Time for Quiz Girl's quiz! |
|Answer with the following: |
|1. Star Carrier 2. Sonia Strumm is! 3. The Shopping Plaza? |
| Iver Gatte | Wilshire Hills | After Dark Phantom Scenario | HPMem10 |
|He can't understand the way of the Digital society, he will ask you some |
|questions, and you must respond correctly. |
|1. Matter Waves 2. A singer 3. Satella Police |
| Ere Mitic | Shopping Plaza | After Dark Phantom Scenario | IndFrag1 |
|This guy found a black object and now people don't want to talk to him, |
|pulse in and head to the second floor of the Shopping Plaza, and inspect |
|the Sky Board to find the black object. You will have to fight some virusus.|
|Return to the man to get your reward. |
| Ai Scronge | Grizzly Peak | After Yeti Blizzard Scenario | Whistle |
|*Requirements: 200 Link Power |
|The lady keeps on finding items, she hears a beep every time she finds one |
|sounds like the work of a hertz. Pulse in and talk to the hertz by the bus |
|stop, then pulse out and get your reward. |
| Leroy Mann | Grizzly Peak | After Yeti Blizzard Scenario | HPMem10 |
|Wants new ideas of merchandise to sell. Talk to him and select the option, I|
|need time to think, which will have the Eatmchn matter wave talk to the guy.|
|Then claim your reward. |
| Yugo Astray | Peak Hotel | After Yeti Blizzard Scenario | HPMem10 |
|He can't find his way to Foodtopia, talk to him and he wants you to find |
|him a map. This guy is pretty pathetic. Go down to the lobby inspect the |
|counter and you will get the map, so now return to him and get your reward. |
| Rolly Pollyn | Suite | After Yeti Blizzard Scenario | Shrtcake |
|Wants to go on a diet, she heard theres a diet guru in the city. So head to |
|Hills Blvd. and pulse in and have Mega go into the young womans star carrier|
|then return to the lady and get your reward. |
| Amy Gelande | Bunny Slopes | After Yeti Blizzard Scenario | HP200/225 |
|She wants help with a new trick shes trying out, and she needs a snoball1 |
|battle card to do it(?). After you give her that, she wants a Jetski1, then |
|after that she wants a Scythe1. After that you get your reward. You will |
|also get Amy WP. |
| Ema Nesia | BlckDmnd Run | After Yeti Blizzard Scenario | FireSrch |
|She lost her wallet at the Resort. So head over to Peak Hotel and inspect |
|the dryer on the floor with the Rooms to find the wallet. Return to her and |
|claim your reward. |
| Styg Dismal | Hills Blvd. | After first fight with Rogue | HPMem20 |
|The man wants to make some brothers, but he has trouble talking to people, |
|he wants to know a good joke. Respond by selecting "Not sure that I do". |
|The Ski matter wave will talk to him and then you get your reward. |
| Carma Iffy | Wilshire Hills | After first fight with Rogue | HPMem10 |
|*Requirements: 300 Link Power |
|Shes looking for a Mother Hills the fortune teller. Pulse in and take the |
|hidden path underneath the Sonia Strumm display and follow the wave road |
|till you come to Mother Hills. Then pulse out and return to the girl. |
| Han Gard | Musuem | After first fight with Rogue | VdeoGame |
|The kid wants someone to guard his game, talk to him and respond with the |
|answer "Security". Thats all you have to do. |
| Nival Peaks | Grizzly Peak | After first fight with Rogue | HPMem10 |
|He broke his Star Carrier and he wants Mega Man to fix it. Pulse in and head|
|to the sled in the middle of the slope. You will have to fight a series of |
|battles. Return to the kid and he will give you a reward. |
| Noira Crush | Peak Hotel | After first fight with Rogue | Sunglass |
|She has a crush on the guy who works in the souvenir shop. She wants to |
|know he's favorite color. So pulse in and check his Star Carrier. Return to |
|her and claim your reward. |
| Blair Loude | Peak Hotel | After first fight with Rogue | 2000 Zenny |
|Wants to come with some lyrics to a song. Help him with the lyrics. Respond |
|with the following: |
|1.The Grizzly Peak Suites 2.Perfect for rich girls 3. Oh! Grizzly Peak! |
|4.GP Resort Hotel! |
| Snaila Mail | Echo Ridge | After Plesio Surf Scenario | HPMem20 |
|She hasn't heard from her friend.(funny jeopardy reference). |
|Go pulse into the mailbox in front of Luna's house and talk to the Hertz. |
|Give him a D.Enrgy then return to the lady and get your reward. |
| Chase Winde | Echo Ridge | After Plesio Surf Scenario | P Reprt |
|He lost his RC Copter, it went to high. Pulse in and head to the entrance to|
|Mess Village in the Sky Wave and the helicopter will be sitting there. |
|Return to him and claim that which he gives you. |
| Hale Knitter | Wilshire Hills | After Plesio Surf Scenario | Scarf |
|She has started knitting and she needs wool, blue wool to be exact. Head to |
|Mess Village and inspect the loner blue sheep in back of the windmill. Then |
|Head back and your done. |
| Joe Hawnt | Movie Theater | After Plesio Surf Scenario | Charm |
|He's afraid of ghosts and he feels like hes being watched. Pulse in and talk|
|to one of the Hertz that have surrounded him and pulse out and your done. |
| Heidy Tidy | Peak Hotel | After Plesio Surf Scenario | ElecSrch |
|She can't seem to get things cleaned up. Talk to her and ask Mega for advice|
|and then the vacuum matter wave will tell her something and your done. |
| Minor Angler | Mess Village | After Plesio Surf Scenario | HPMem10 |
|He can't catch any fish and he's getting angry. He wants advice from the |
|master fisherman who lives in Electopia. Head back to Echo Ridge and talk to|
|Claud Pincer while in wave form and look into his star carrier. Then head |
|back to the guy. |
| Alec Tribec | Messie's Cove | After Plesio Surf Scenario | PzleBook |
|It's the Jeopardy man himself. He wants you to take his quiz. He is the Quiz|
|Knight. You must do Quiz Girl's quiz first. Answer with the following: |
|1.Loch Mess I think. 2.It was Messie! 3."Stream Cancro"? 4.A bubble attack? |
|5,Maybe... 430 HP? Thats it. |
| D'nwan Draun | Messie's Cove | After Plesio Surf Scenario | ChrSvr/150 |
|He can't swim, so he is going to just jump into the Loch. Better stop him. |
|Select the option, I can't swim.... and the Divmch will talk to him and you |
|get your reward. |
| Luz Stufalot | Obs. Deck | After Plesio Surf Scenario | HP+10 & BC |
|She keeps losing all kinds of stuff. Perhaps she has super powers!? She |
|dropped her motorbike into the loch. Head down to LochMess2 and the |
|motobike is near the mermaid. Return to the lady and get your reward. |
| Van Geaux | Wilshire Hills | After Terra Condor Scenario | PlsmaGun3 |
|He is looking for a painting. Head to the Suite in the Peak Hotel and |
|inspect the painting in there, then return to the man. |
| Kaz Nova | Wilshire Hills | After Terra Condor Scenario | RdrMisil3 |
|He wants to you to talk to a girl for him in IFLTower and bring her to him. |
|Go to the top of IFLTower and talk to her and answer with the following: |
|1.That's not it! 2.He's got muscles! 3.Not Really. |
|Go back to the guy and get your reward. |
| Ruina Recker | Shopping Plaza | After Terra Condor Scenario | HP+300/360 |
|She has been breaking a lot of things. Perhaps she has a virus? Go pulse in|
|and head to the guide board. It's on the second floor. Inspect it and you |
|will have to fight a virus battle. Pulse out and return to the woman. |
| Meala DeVour | Foodtopia | After Terra Condor Scenario | HPMem10 |
|She wants to try the food of Soul Mother in Whazzap. Head over to Whazzap |
|and head to the Whazzap Ruins2 area and you will find the lady near the |
|flowers. Talk to her and she gives you soulfood. Return to the girl. |
| Chatty Ditz | Foodtopia | After Terra Condor Scenario | OldStrap |
|She is a treasure hunter. She found a map, but can't read it. She gives you |
|the map and it says: "Ancient fish". You will find the fish in the museum. |
|It's in the Saurian section. The next clue is "4 great wings catch the wind"|
|Head to the windmill in Messie's Cove and inspect it. Yet another clue... |
|It says, "The king of birds which has forgotten the sky." Its in the Whazzap|
|Lines, on the wall, he penguin fossil. You get an item, head back to the |
|girl and your done. |
| Y'Gat Riddem | Whazzap | After Terra Condor Scenario | SilvMteor |
|He wants someone to drop some beats with him. Boom-shaka-laka baby. |
|Answer with the following: 1. Boom Chika Boom Boom 2. Boom Chicka Boom |
|3. Boom Kashalaka 4. Chika chika Boom |
| Wazafowonwon | Whazzap | After Terra Condor Scenario | HPMem20 |
|It's Quiz Queen! You must have done Quiz Girl and Quiz Knight first to do |
|this one. Answer with the following: 1. Budicus 2. Nutritious eggs |
|3. FireRing1 for sure! 4. and "DnceFire1". 5. he,he,he 5? |
|6. A vending machine? 7. ...Question 7? 8. Mackrelfilletychius! |
|9. A Christmas Tree? Then you fight a virus battle!? |
|10. Rolling out the carpet! |
| Wherzat | Whazzap | After Terra Condor Scenario | HPMem20 |
|*Requirements: 400 Link Power |
|She hears of a fish in a Loch that will let her live for a long time. Head |
|to Loch Mess and talk to the fish vendor near the entrance to Messie's Cove.|
|He says he hasn't been able to catch fish lately, so pulse in and head to a |
|small island to talk to a hertz. Then return to the vendor and get the fish |
|then head back to the woman to get your reward. |
| Whazzat | Whazzap Lines | After Terra Condor Scenario | 3000 Zenny |
|*Requirements: 500 Link Power |
|Talk to him,and he wonders what this mysterious stone is, say you don't know|
|and then the guide will talk to him and your done. Easy as that. |
| Kyanaigotu | Whazzap Lines | After Terra Condor Scenario | Run-Away |
|He wants to see the rest of the world and wants to run away. Stop HIM! |
|He will ask a series of questions: 1. IFL Tower 2. Amy Delande 3. Sheeps |
|4. "World Mysteries" |
| Lennycia | Whazzap Lines | After Terra Condor Scenario | HPMem10 |
|She wants to see snow! Head to Foodtopia's back entrance and inspect the |
|snow bunnies, then return to her for your reward. |
| Hope Stelar | Geo's LvRoom | After Beating the Game | HolyPanel |
|She forgot one her recipes that her husband liked. Pulse in and talk to one |
|of the hertz in the living room. Then return to your mom. |
| Aaron Boreal | Shopping Plaza | After Beating the Game | HP+20 & BC |
|Mr. Boreal wants to upgrade the Star Carrier. Answer some of his questions: |
|1. Six 2. There are Eight! 3. Whyzza Whazzap |
|After you answer he's questions he will say "This Recover150 is for you." |
|But he never actually gives you anything, it's apparently a translation |
|error. What he is really trying to say is to give him a Recover150. You can |
|buy one from the merchant in the Bermuda Maze. Return to him and your done. |
| Bob Copper | IFL Tower1 | After Beating the Game | AquaSrch |
|He is here to investigate more ghosts in the IFL Tower, check it out for him|
|Pulse in and make your way up the IFL Tower until you come to a ghost. |
|Delete it and return to Mr. Copper for your reward. |
| Gredy Miser | Museum | After Beating the Game | WoodSrch |
|He thinks he is cursed, better go talk to him. He noticed something strange |
|around the saurian exhibit, pulse in and head over there and you will notice|
|a group of hertz. Talk to them and then return to him for your reward. |
| Rich Dotcom | Grizzly Peak | After Beating the Game | 6000 Zenny |
|The guy is a criminal! Talk to him and answer with the following: |
|1. Where'dya get that suit? Now head to Mr. Copper, who is located outside |
|of the IFL Tower. After that leave the screen and then come back and talk |
|to the man in pink. |
| Mr. Gelande | Foodtopia | After Beating the Game | SrchEye |
|He needs new ideas for souvenirs. He hears there is a gourmet in Grizzly |
|Peak and he wants you to find this person. The person is Meala Devour, she |
|is right in front of him. Inspect her star carrier and then return to him. |
| Gerry Romero | Mess Village | After Beating the Game | TradeTix |
|*Requirements: 500 Link Power |
|He is losing ratings and he wants a pretty girl to help boost them up. Head |
|to Whazzap and talk to the woman and then return to Gerry and your done. |
| Tayle Spinn | Messie's Cove | After Beating the Game | TradeTix |
| He misses he's friend and is really bored. His friend is in Echo Ridge, the|
|guy that loves RC helicopters and is muscular, go check out his star carrier|
|and then head back and get your reward. |
| Shudder Bugz | Obs. Deck | After Beating the Game | SrchEye |
|He wants a scenic shot of the snow. Only one place in the game with snow, |
|so head to Grizzly Peak. Once your there, head to to the Suite in the Hotel.|
|Inspect the window to get the shot. Return to the man in Loch Mess. |
| The Shaman | Whazzap | After Beating the Game | AtomMine3*1|
|He realizes he doesn't know much about the world and wants to learn. He |
|wants an encyclopedia. Head back to Echo Ridge and look at the bookshelf in |
|Zack's room to find one. Return to him for your reward. |

By doing the Jobs/Quests for your in-game brothers, you will increase your
Link Power with them.

| Luna Platz | Luna's Room | After Beating the Game | Cookie |
|The Prez wants to learn to cook. She needs some bananas. You can find these |
|in Whazzap, where all that food is at, just inspect it. Head back to the her|
|and she will now need some coconuts. Head to Grizzly Peak and inspect the |
|trees next to the wave fountain to get them. Return to the her again and now|
|she needs the recipe. Talk to your mother, then return to Luna and your done|
| Bud Bison | Luna's Room | After Beating the Game | HP+500/500 |
|He keeps dreaming about Taurus Fire, pulse in and head to he's house and you|
|will have to fight TaurusFireSP. Once you have beaten him, return to Bud. |
| Zack Temple | Luna's Room | After Beating the Game | GigCl+1/500|
|There is a sunken ship in Loch Mess that attracts EM Viruses. Head down |
|there and pulse into the Sunken Ship and fight a 10 consecutive battles with|
|very tough viruses. Once you have beating them, return and get your reward. |
| Sonia Strumm | Luna's Room | After Beating the Game | Rec300 & WP|
|She needs some help with her lyrics for her new song. Respond with: |
|1.We get up and run,run! 2.Swing those hips around! 3.Make it glad,glad,glad|
|4.Take 'em off and shout! 5.Run,run! It's so fun!. 6...Geo! |

5. Battle Card List/Locations [BCL11]

GMW - Green Mystery Wave - Randomly appears everytime you wave change.
BMW - Blue Mystery Wave - Appears only once then dissapears.
PMW - Purple Mystery Wave - Requires Unlocker.
ES - EM Wave Space - Mega Man can pulse into these objects.

| Standard Class Cards |
| Number | Name | Location |
| 001 | Cannon | GMW Grizzly Peak |
| 002 | PlusCanon | GMW Echo Ridge Sky Wave |
| 003 | HevyCanon | GMW Bermuda Maze |
| 004 | PlsmaGun1 | GMW IFL Tower1 |
| 005 | PlsmaGun2 | GMW at Mess Village |
| 006 | PlsmaGun3 | BMW Room of Heroes in Mu |
| 007 | AirSpred1 | GMW Wilshire Hills |
| 008 | AirSpred2 | BMW Bunny Slopes |
| 009 | AirSpred3 | BMW Messie's Cove |
| 010 | RdrMisil1 | BMW IFL Tower1 |
| 011 | RdrMisil2 | BMW in Broken Lift ES in BlckDmnRun |
| 012 | RdrMisil3 | BMW Mu |
| 013 | SyncHook1 | Merchant at Shopping Plaza for 1300z |
| 014 | SyncHook2 | Merchant in Big Wave shop for 5000z |
| 015 | SyncHook3 | Merchant at Whazzap Sky Wave for 8000z |
| 016 | MniGrnde1 | GMW Echo Ridge |
| 017 | MniGrnde2 | GMW at Messie's Cove |
| 018 | MniGrnde3 | GMW at Whazzap Lines |
| 019 | HeatGrnde | Buy from Ken Suthers for 5000z |
| 020 | WoodGrnde | Merchant at Whazzap Lines for 5000z |
| 021 | IceGrnde | Merchant at Bermuda Maze for 6000z |
| 022 | Sword | GMW Hills Blvd. |
| 023 | WideSword | GMW IFL Tower1 |
| 024 | LongSword | GMW Echo Ridge |
| 025 | WhtMeteor | PMW Corn-Dog Stand in Mess Village, BMW LochMess1 |
| 026 | SilvMteor | Reward for Y'Gat Riddem Job/Quest |
| 027 | GreatAxe | Merchant at Trans Dimension1 for 8000z |
| 028 | DblStone | Merchant at Whazzap Lines for 6000z |
| 029 | Guardian | BMW at Trans Dimension1, Merchant at Trans Dimension1|
| 030 | Aura | PMW in Alt.IFL Tower2, GMW in Alt. Messie's Cove |
| 031 | GrndWave1 | Defeat a Mettenna at Echo Ridge, TV ES |
| 032 | GrndWave2 | Defeat a Mettenna2 at Echo Ridge |
| 033 | GrndWave3 | Defeat a Mettenna3 at Alt. Echo Ridge |
| 034 | MadVulcn1 | Defeat a BaseMortar at Echo Ridge, TV ES |
| 035 | MadVulcn2 | Defeat a BaseGunner at Echo Ridge |
| 036 | MadVulcn3 | Defeat a BaseSniper at Alt. LochMess2 |
| 037 | Scythe1 | Defeat DarkReaper at Echo Ridge |
| 038 | Scythe2 | Defeat DarkJoker at Bermuda Maze |
| 039 | Scythe3 | Defeat DarkDemon at Alt. Wilshire Hills |
| 040 | BooHat1 | Defeat Boodach at IFL Tower |
| 041 | BooHat2 | Defeat BooSpook at IFL Tower |
| 042 | BooHat3 | Defeat BooGeist at Alt. IFL Tower2 |
| 043 | JetSki1 | Defeat HareJet at Grizzly Peak/BlkDmnRun |
| 044 | JetSki2 | Defeat HareRocket at Grizzly Peak/BlkDmnRun |
| 045 | JetSki3 | Defeat HareNitro at Alt. IFL Tower2 |
| 046 | FireRing1 | Defeat HotRoader at Wilshire Hills |
| 047 | FireRing2 | Defeat Hotmotor at Wilshire Hills |
| 048 | FireRing3 | Defeat HotBiker at Alt. Wilshire Hills |
| 049 | DnceFire1 | Defeat BubbaDance at Whazzap |
| 050 | DnceFire2 | Defeat HoppaDance at Mu |
| 051 | DnceFire3 | Defeat JakaDance at Alt. Whazzap Lines |
| 052 | HeatUppr1 | Defeat Boom at Whazzap Lines |
| 053 | HeatUppr2 | Defeat Bang at Room of Heroes in Mu |
| 054 | HeatUppr3 | Defeat Ka-Boom at Alt. Whazzap Lines |
| 055 | KiloBomb1 | Defeat Bom at Trans Dimension1 |
| 056 | KiloBomb2 | Defeat BomBom at Alt. LochMess2 |
| 057 | KiloBomb3 | Defeat BomBomBom at Trans Dimension2 |
| 058 | ChainBbl1 | Defeat StreamCancro at Mess Village |
| 059 | ChainBbl2 | Defeat RiverCancro at Mess Village |
| 060 | ChainBbl3 | Defeat SeaCancro at Alt. Messie's Cove |
| 061 | StkyRain1 | Defeat Gooey at IFL Tower |
| 062 | StkyRain2 | Defeat Goopy at Alt. Echo Ridge |
| 063 | StkyRain3 | Defeat Gloppy at Alt. Wilshire Hills |
| 064 | SnoBall1 | Defeat SnoRoll at BlkDmnRun |
| 065 | SnoBall2 | Defeat SnoRoller at BlkDmnRun |
| 066 | SnoBall3 | Defeat SnoRollest at Alt. BlkDmndRun |
| 067 | Pirankss1 | Defeat Piran at LochMess1,LochMess2 |
| 068 | Pirankss2 | Defeat Piraner at LochMess1,LochMess2 |
| 069 | Pirankss3 | Defeat Piranest at Alt. LochMess2 |
| 070 | VoltcEye1 | Defeat Eyez at BunnySlopes/Peak Hotel |
| 071 | VoltcEye2 | Defeat GuardEyez at Mu |
| 072 | VoltcEye3 | Defeat ProtectEyez at Alt. Messie's Cove |
| 073 | FlckrKck1 | Defeat Lampis at Mess Village |
| 074 | FlckrKck2 | Defeat Lucis at Mu, Crest ES |
| 075 | FlckrKck3 | Defeat Lumis at Alt. BlckDmnRun |
| 076 | StlthLzr1 | Defeat Stealth at Bermuda Maze |
| 077 | StlthLzr2 | Defeat MegaStealth at Alt. Whazzap Lines |
| 078 | SrlthLzr3 | Defeat GigaStealth at Trans Dimension2 |
| 079 | MumyHand1 | Defeat ShockMummy at Mu |
| 080 | MumyHand2 | Defeat ShockTut at Trans Dimension1 |
| 081 | MumyHand3 | Defeat ShockSeti at Alt. IFL Tower2 |
| 082 | MopLance1 | Defeat PrivateMop at Grizzly Peak |
| 083 | MopLance2 | Defeat ColonelMop at WhazzapRuins2 |
| 084 | MopLance3 | Defeat GeneralMop at Alt. Echo Ridge |
| 085 | Fokx-Fu1 | Defeat Fokx at Mess Village |
| 086 | Fokx-Fu2 | Defeat CopyFokx at Jumbo Grill ES in Foodtopia |
| 087 | Fokx-Fu3 | Defeat GuiseFokx at Alt. BlkDmndRun |
| 088 | Squall1 | Defeat Storm at Bermuda Maze |
| 089 | Squall2 | Defeat Cyclone at BrokenBusStop ES in Alt. EchoRidge |
| 090 | Squall3 | Defeat Tempest at Alt. Wilshire Hills |
| 091 | NeedlAtk1 | Defeat Flit at Echo Ridge Sky Wave |
| 092 | NeedlAtk2 | Defeat Flitter at Bermuda Maze |
| 093 | NeedlAtk3 | Defeat Flitterize at Trans Dimension1 |
| 094 | GrnCarpet | Defeat MatJinn at Whazzap |
| 095 | BlueCarpt | Defeat Rugjinn at Alt. Wilshire Hills |
| 096 | PrplCarpt | Defeat CarpetJinn at Trans Dimension2 |
| 097 | PuffBlst1 | Defeat Puff at Echo Ridge Sky Wave |
| 098 | PuffBlst2 | Defeat Fluff at Whazzap Sky Wave |
| 099 | PuffBlst3 | Defeat Muff at Alt. WhazzapRuins2 |
| 100 | Buki1 | Defeat Raid at Mu |
| 101 | Buki2 | Defeat Ravage at Alt. Wilshire Hills |
| 102 | Buki3 | Defeat Ransack at Trans Dimension2 |
| 103 | JngleStrm | Defeat AirSquiggle in Alt. Echo Ridge |
| 104 | SnoStorm | Defeat AirSquirm at Alt. BlkDmndRun |
| 105 | PoisnStrm | Defeat AirWobble at Trans Dimension2 |
| 106 | ElecSlash | Defeat MonoSword at LochMess1, LochMess 2 |
| 107 | WoodSlash | Defeat MonoSwordin at Mu Statue in Whazzap |
| 108 | FireSlash | Defeat MonoSwordil in Alt. Echo Ridge |
| 109 | MoaiFall1 | Defeat Moain at Whazzap |
| 110 | MoaiFall2 | Defeat Stonehead at Whazzap Lines |
| 111 | MoaiFall3 | Defeat GaintFace at Alt. Whazzap Lines |
| 112 | BlackHole1 | Defeat Grabity at Mu |
| 113 | BlackHole2 | Defeat Grabtron at Trans Dimension1 |
| 114 | BlackHole3 | Defeat Grabaklone at Alt. IFL Tower2 |
| 115 | BsrkSwrd1 | Defeat McCleaver at WhazzapRuins2 |
| 116 | BsrkSwrd2 | Defeat McDicer at Mu |
| 117 | BsrkSwrd3 | Defeat McLopper at Alt. WhazzapRuins2 |
| 118 | TyphnDnce | Merchant at Whazzap Lines for 9000z |
| 119 | AtomMine1 | Merchant at Whazzap Lines for 10000z |
| 120 | AtomMine2 | Merchant at Bermuda Maze for 12000z |
| 121 | AtomMine3 | Merchant at Trans Dimension1 for 15000z,GMW TnsDmns1 |
| 122 | PrlyzeStg | GMW Messie's Cove |
| 123 | GNullStage | GMW WhazzapRuins2, GMW Whazzap Sky Wave |
| 124 | Recover10 | GMW Echo Ridge |
| 125 | Recover30 | Merchant at Shopping Plaza for 600 Zenny |
| 126 | Recover50 | BMW BlackDiamond Run |
| 127 | Recover80 | BMW Echo Ridge SW, Buy From Ken Suthers for 3000z |
| 128 | Recover120 | GMW WhazzapRuins2 |
| 129 | Recover150 | Bermuda Maze Merchant 7000z, GMW Bermuda Maze |
| 130 | Recover200 | BMW HolyFlame ES in WhazzapRuins2, GMW Mu |
| 131 | Recover300 | BMW Trans Dimension1 |
| 132 | Barrier | GMW Novie Theater |
| 133 | SprBarrier | GMW Whazzap Sky Wave |
| 134 | AttckPanel | BMW Grizzly Peak , GMW Whazzap Sky Wave |
| 135 | AmbshPanel | GMW Mess Village SkyWave |
| 136 | BustrPanel | BMW WhazzapRuins1 |
| 137 | Invisible | BMW Movie Theatre |
| 138 | Whistle | BMW Zack's Room |
| 139 | Bombalizr | Merchant at Observation Deck for 8000z |
| 140 | AreaEater | Buy from Big Wave Shop, Ken Suthers for 6000z |
| 141 | SpritFury | Merchant at Bermuda Maze for 17000z |
| 142 | AntiSword | Merchant at Whazzap Lines for 20000z |
| 143 | PoisnApple | Merchant at Bermuda Maze for 15000z |
| 144 | DoublCross | Merchant at Trans Dimension1 for 20000z |
| 145 | GigaMine | Merchant at Trans Dimension1 for 25000z |
| 146 | GrassStage | GMW in Echo Ridge |
| 147 | IceStage | BMW Bunny Slopes |
| 148 | HolyPanel | BMW Alt. LochMess2 |
| 149 | ParlyzPlus | BMW Geo's LvRoom, GMW Echo Ridge |
| 150 | Attack+10 | GMW IFL Tower2 |
| Mega Class Cards |
| Number | Name | Location |
| 001 | DrkPhntm | Defeat DarkPhantom at top of IFL Tower2 |
| 002 | DrkPhntmEX | S Rank DarkPhantomEX or 8-9 Rank DarkPhantomSP |
| 003 | DrkPhntmSP | S Rank DarkPhantomSP |
| 004 | YetiBlzzrd | Defeat YetiBlizzard at BlckDmnd Run |
| 005 | YetiBlzzrdEX | S Rank YetiBlizzardEX or 8-9 Rank YetiBlizzardSP |
| 006 | YetiBlzzrdSP | S Rank YetiBlizzardSP |
| 007 | Rogue | Defeat Rogue at Mu, right near the entrence |
| 008 | RogueEX | S Rank RogueEX or 8-9 Rank RogueSP |
| 009 | RogueSP | S Rank RogueSP |
| 010 | PlesioSrf | Defeat PlesioSurf at LochMess2 |
| 011 | PlesioSrfEX | S Rank PlesioSurfEX or 8-9 Rank PlesioSurfSP |
| 012 | PlesioSrfSP | S Rank PlesioSurfSP |
| 013 | TerraCndr | Defeat TerraCondor at WhazzapRuins2 |
| 014 | TerraCndrEX | S Rank TerraCondorEX or 8-9 Rank TerraCondorSP |
| 015 | TerraCndrSP | S Rank TerraCondorSP |
| 016 | Hollow | Defeat Hollow at Bermuda Maze, deepest part |
| 017 | HollowEX | S Rank HollowEX or 8-9 Rank HollowSP |
| 018 | HollowSP | S Rank HollowSP |
| 019 | TaurusFire | Defeat TaurusFire at Foodtopia |
| 020 | TaurusFireEX | S Rank TaurusFireEX or 8-9 Rank TaurusFireSP |
| 021 | TaurusFireSP | S Rank TaurusFireSP |
| 022 | HarpNote | Defeat HarpNote at Whazzap Sky Wave |
| 023 | HarpNoteEX | S Rank HarpNoteEX or 8-9 Rank HarpNoteSP |
| 024 | HarpNoteSP | S Rank HarpNoteSP |
| 025 | QnOphiuca | Defeat QnOphiuca at the Movie Theathre |
| 026 | QnOphiucaEX | S Rank QnOphiucaEX or 8-9 Rank QnOphiucaSP |
| 027 | QnQphiucaSP | S Rank QnOphiucaSP |
| 028 | GeminSpark | Defeat GeminiSpark at WhazzapRuins2 |
| 029 | GemnSpkEX | S Rank GeminiSparkEX or 8-9 Rank GeminiSparkSP |
| 030 | GemnSpkSP | S rank GeminiSparkSP |
| 031 | CancrBuble | Defeat CancerBubble at Bunny Slopes |
| 032 | CancrBubleEX | S Rank CancerBubbleEX or 8-9 Rank CancerBubbleSP |
| 033 | CancrBubleSP | S Rank CancerBubbleSP |
| 034 | KngFooKid | Defeat KungFooKid at Messie's Cove |
| 035 | KngFooKidEX | S Rank KungFooKidEX or 8-9 Rank KungFooKidSP |
| 036 | KngFooKidSP | S Rank KungFooKidSP |
| 037 | GenAuriga | Defeat GeneralAuriga at Trans Dimension1 |
| 038 | GnAurgaEX | S Rank GeneralAurigaEX or 8-9 Rank GeneralAurigaSP |
| 039 | GnAurgaSP | S Rank GeneralAurigaSP |
| 040 | ApolloFlm | Defeat ApolloFlame at Trans Dimension2 |
| 041 | AplloFlmEX | S Rank ApolloFlameEX or 8-9 Rank ApolloFlameSP |
| 042 | AplloFlmSP | S Rank ApolloFlameSP |
| Giga Class Cards |
| Number | Zerker | Ninja | Saurian | Location |
| 001 | GemniThndr | GorgonEye | OxTackle | Merchant in TransDimension1|
| 002 | RogueBreak | TrrntWave | MT Magic | BMW in TransDimension2 |
| 003 | MilliKick | Buster MAX | Normal+50 | Defeat Apollo Flame |
| 004 | PoisonPhar | DrknssHole | BrkTmeBmb | Buy from Big Wave, 50000z |
| 005 | Avalanche | FlyngImpct | PhntmSlsh | Get through story event |

6. HPMemory Locations [HPM22]

BMW - Data in the Wave World, inspect it to get it.
Shop - Buy from the merchant to get it.
Inspect - As Geo, in the real world, inspect the objects to get it.
Quest - Complete the quest for that person to get it. Refer to the Quest Sec.

| HPMemory Locations | Listed in order of availibility | |
| # | Type | Location | HPMem |
| 1 | BMW | Echo Ridge, Geo's Bedroom | HPMem10 |
| 2 | BMW | Echo Ridge, Mail Box ES | HPMem10 |
| 3 | Inspect | Shopping Plaza, Man at counter, Need LP of 50 | HPMem10 |
| 4 | BMW | Shopping Plaza, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem10 |
| 5 | Shop | Shopping Plaza, Buy from Merchant Hertz for 1000z | HPMem20 |
| 6 | Shop | Shopping Plaza, Buy from Merchant Hertz for 3000z | HPMem20 |
| 7 | Shop | Shopping Plaza, Buy from Merchant Hertz for 6000z | HPMem20 |
| 8 | BMW | IFL Tower1, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem10 |
| 9 | Quest | Kate Chizer Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 10 | Quest | Iver Gatte Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 11 | Inspect | Peak Hotel, Souvneir Shop Counter, Need LP of 100 | HPMem10 |
| 12 | Inspect | Peak Hotel, the skis in the room with the drier | HPMem10 |
| 13 | Inspect | Peak Hotel, Suite, one of the twin beds | HPMem10 |
| 14 | BMW | Foodtopia, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem20 |
| 15 | BMW | Foodtopia, Lost Ice Statue ES, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem20 |
| 16 | BMW | BlckDmndRun, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem20 |
| 17 | Quest | Leroy Mann Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 18 | Quest | Yugo Astray Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 17 | BMW | Echo Ridge, Big Wave, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem20 |
| 18 | BMW | Echo Ridge, Bud's House, Junk Box ES | HPMem10 |
| 19 | Shop | Ken Suthers, Buy for 3000z | HPMem20 |
| 20 | Shop | Ken Suthers, Buy for 5000z | HPMem20 |
| 21 | Shop | Ken Suthers, Buy for 8000z | HPMem20 |
| 22 | Quest | Styg Dismal Job/Quest Reward | HPMem20 |
| 23 | Quest | Carma Iffy Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 24 | Quest | Nival Peak Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 25 | BMW | Mess Village Sky Wave | HPMem20 |
| 26 | BMW | Mess Village, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem20 |
| 27 | Inspect | Observation Deck, Binoculars | HPMem10 |
| 28 | BMW | Messie's Cove, Shepard ES, Pulse into a sheep | HPMem20 |
| 29 | Inspect | Messie's Cove, the pink sheep | HPMem10 |
| 30 | BMW | Echo Ridge, Zack's House, Stool ES | HPMem10 |
| 30 | Quest | Snaila Mail Job/Quest Reward | HPMem20 |
| 31 | Quest | Minor Anglar Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 32 | Quest | Luz Stufalot Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 33 | PMW | LochMess2, Octy ES, Red Octupus,PurpleMysteryWave | HPMem20 |
| 34 | Inspect | Whazzap, one of the drums near the shrine | HPMem10 |
| 35 | BMW | Whazzap Lines. Old Dragonfly ES | HPMem10 |
| 36 | Inspect | Whazzap Lines, the panel near the hertz line | HPMem10 |
| 37 | Shop | Whazzap Lines, Merchant, Buy for 5000 Zenny | HPMem20 |
| 38 | Shop | Whazzap Lines, Merchant, Buy for 8000 Zenny | HPMem20 |
| 39 | Shop | Whazzap Lines, Merchant, Buy for 10000 Zenny | HPMem20 |
| 40 | BMW | WhazzapRuins2, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem20 |
| 41 | Quest | Meala DeVour Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| 42 | Quest | Wazafowonwon Job/Quest Reward | HPMem20 |
| 43 | Quest | Wherzat Job/Quest Reward | HPMem20 |
| 44 | Quest | Lennycia Job/Quest Reward | HPMem10 |
| ?? | BMW | Whazzap Lines, Ammonite ES, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem10 |
| 45 | Shop | Bermuda Maze, Merchant, Buy for 7000z | HPMem20 |
| 46 | Shop | Bermuda Maze, Merchant, Buy for 12000z | HPMem20 |
| 47 | Shop | Bermuda Maze, Merchant, Buy for 17000z | HPMem20 |
| 48 | BMW | Mu, Room of Heroes, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem20 |
| 49 | BMW | Mu, Room of Heroes, Murian ES, Blue Mystery Wave | HPMem10 |
| 50 | Inspect | Mu, Room of Genesis, Ancient Star Carrier | HPMem10 |
| 51 | Quest | Aaron Boreal Job/Quest Reward | HPMem20 |
| 52 | BMW | Alt.Echo Ridge, BrokenBusStopES, BlueMysteryWave | HPMem10 |
| 53 | Shop | Trans Dimension1, Merchant, Buy for 10000z | HPMem20 |
| 54 | Shop | Trans Dimension1, Merchant, Buy for 15000z | HPMem20 |
| 55 | Shop | Trans Dimension1, Merchant, Buy for 20000z | HPMem20 |
| 56 | BMW | Alt.Messie's Cove, BrokenWindmill ES | HPMem10 |

7. Blank Card Locations [BLC55]

Blank Cards allow you to turn them into special cards that can only be
obtained if you input a series of commands. Buy the Wave Command Card Kit to
learn these commands. There are only ten Blank Cards available in the game.

1. Mr. Boreal gives you one when you upgrade your Star Carrier.
2. Inside Bud Bison's house, inspect his bed.
3. Inside Zack's House, inspect the basketball hoop.
4. Mess Village, BMW in Cock-A-Doodle ES
5. Complete Luz Stufalot's Job/Mission/Quest
6. Whazzap Lines, BMW in Old Dragonfly ES
7. Whazzap Lines, BMW in Ammonite ES
8. In Mu, Room of Heroes, BMW in Murian ES
9. Complete Mr. Boreal's Job/Mission
10. Alt. Wilshire Hills , BMW in BrokenDisplay ES

8. IndiFrag Locations [IND88]

There is a total of six Indie Fragments in the game. When you equip all six of
them onto your six real brother slots, you become Mega Man Rogue.

1. Complete Ere Mitic's Job/Mission to get IndFrag1.
2. After you defeat Le Mu, go to WhazzapRuins1 and talk to Pat, then defeat
Gemini Spark in WhazzapRuins2 to get IndFrag2.
3. Inspect the dog house in Alt. Echo Ridge to get IndFrag3.
4. Inspect the panel on the left side of Vega's Hideout to get IndFrag4.
5. Inspect the dead Hertz in LochMess2 for IndFrag5.
6. Pulse into the broken lift ES and inspect the dead hertz for IndFrag6.

9. Mega's Weapons [MGW77]

1. PntdFang - Mega starts out with this weapon.
2. StarHoop - Blue Mystery Wave in the Suite in Peak Hotel.
3. CobrFang - Trade a SnoBall1 Card to the train hertz in Snow Man ES.
4. BustGlov - Blue Mystery Wave in the Musuem.
5. BldngEye - Behind Link Power 350 door at Mess Village.
6. ZphyrWng - Inspect the waterfall at Messie's Cove.
7. BublFist - Purple Mystery Wave at Echo Ridge Sky Way.
8. R-F Claw - Whazzap Lines in the Old Dragon Fly ES, Merchant for 4000z
9. ZenyFndr - Inspect the sandwich fossil in Whazzap Lines.
10. Paralyzr - Blue Mystery Wave in Whazzap Lines.
11. TitnGlve - Mu Statue ES at Whazzap
12. WhtBreth - Merchant in Mu Statue, 6000 Zenny
13. CardFndr - Requires 350 LinkPower,Talk to the train hertz in Whazzap Lines
14. K.Knckle - Blue Mystery Wave in Room of Genesis at Mu.
15. StarFrce - Behind Link Power 600 door at Whazzap
16. M.Breath - BMW in TransDimenison2 help everyone.
17. FMBraclt - BMW in TransDimension2, on a hidden path just before ApolloFlm
18. ImageEye - Get through CIPHER Mail: Enter AXIMSOEG
19. BN Blstr - Put a Mega Man Battle Network game in the GBA slot of your DS
to get an e-mail, visit the locations below and get all the
diaries and read them and get an e-mail with the weapon.
1. MailBox ES - Echo Ridge
2. OldBinoCulars ES - IFL Tower1
3. Lost Ice Statue ES - Foodtopia
4. SunkenShip ES - LochMess1
5. Ammonite ES - Whazzap Lines

10. Merchant Hertz [MERC9]

A list of all the merchants locations and what they have for sell and prices.

| Echo Ridge | Mailbox ES |
|1. SmEnrgy.................100 Zenny |
|2. Unlocker...............4000 Zenny |
|3. SrchEye................6000 Zenny |

| Echo Ridge | Big Wave,Merchant Hertz|
|1. D.Enrgy.................800 Zenny |
|2. Unlocker...............4000 Zenny |
|3. AquaSrch................500 Zenny |
|4. SyncHook2..............5000 Zenny |

| Echo Ridge | Big Wave,Ken Suthers |
|1. HPMem20......3000,5000,8000 Zenny |
|2. Recover80..............3000 Zenny |
|3. HeatGrnde..............5000 Zenny |
|4. AreaEater..............6000 Zenny |
|5. Cannon*3...............6000 Zenny |
|6. GigaChip004...........50000 Zenny |

| Wilshire Hills | Hills Blvd. |
|1. LrgEnrgy................200 Zenny |
|2. Cloaker.................500 Zenny |
|3. SrchEye................6000 Zenny |

| Wilshire Hills | Mega Display ES |
|1. Hertz WallPaper........3000 Zenny |

| Wilshire Hills | Shopping Plaza |
|1. HPMem20......1000,3000,6000 Zenny |
|2. Recover30...............600 Zenny |
|3. MadVulcn1...............800 Zenny |
|4. SyncHook1..............1300 Zenny |
|5. Jetski1................2000 Zenny |

| Grizzly Peak |
|1. D.Enrgy.................800 Zenny |
|2. Cloaker.................500 Zenny |
|3. FireSrch................500 Zenny |

| Mess Village | Corn Dog Stand ES |
|1. ChargeP/150............3000 Zenny |

| Mess Village | Observation Deck |
|1. D.Enrgy.................800 Zenny |
|2. SrchEye................6000 Zenny |
|3. ElecSrch................500 Zenny |
|4. Bombalizer.............8000 Zenny |

| Whazzap Sky Wave |
|1. D.Enrgy.................800 Zenny |
|2. Unlocker...............4000 Zenny |
|3. WoodSrch................500 Zenny |
|4. SyncHook3..............0000 Zenny |

| Whazzap | Mu Statue |
|1. WhtBreth...............6000 Zenny |

| Whazzap Lines |
|1. HPMem20................5000 Zenny |
|2. WoodGrnde..............5000 Zenny |
|3. DblStone...............6000 Zenny |
|4. TyphnDnce..............9000 Zenny |
|5. AtomMine1.............10000 Zenny |
|6. Anti-Sword............20000 Zenny |

| Whazzap Lines | Old Dragon Fly ES |
|1. R-F Claw...............4000 Zenny |

| Bermuda Maze |
|1. HPMem20..7000, 12000, 17000 Zenny |
|2. IceGrnde...............6000 Zenny |
|3. Recover150.............7000 Zenny |
|4. AtomMine2.............12000 Zenny |
|5. PoisnApple............15000 Zenny |
|6. SpiritFury............17000 Zenny |

| Alt. Echo Ridge |
|1. FireSrch................500 Zenny |
|2. AquaSrch................500 Zenny |
|3. ElecSrch................500 Zenny |
|4. WoodSrch................500 Zenny |

| Trans Dimension1 |
|1. HPMem20...10000,15000,20000 Zenny |
|2. GreatAxe...............8000 Zenny |
|3. AtomMine3.............15000 Zenny |
|4. Guardian..............18000 Zenny |
|5. DoublCross............20000 Zenny |
|6. GigaMine..............25000 Zenny |
|7. GigaChip001...........50000 Zenny |

| Alt. IFL Tower2 | GOLD CARD |
|1. HevyCanon*3...........23000 Zenny |
|2. SyncHook3*3...........40000 Zenny |
|3. SilvMteor*3...........40000 Zenny |
|4. AntiSword*3...........50000 Zenny |

| Alt. IFL Tower2 | PLATINUM CARD |
|1. PlsmaGun3*3...........28000 Zenny |
|2. RdrMisil3*3...........33000 Zenny |
|3. TyphnDnce*3...........55000 Zenny |
|4. SpritFury*3...........70000 Zenny |

| Alt. IFL Tower2 | BLACK CARD |
|1. GreatAxe*3............45000 Zenny |
|2. AtomMine3*3...........60000 Zenny |
|3. Guardian*3............70000 Zenny |
|4. GigaMine*3............80000 Zenny |

11. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) [FAQ19]

Q: How much Link Power do I currently give?

You give Link Power not based on how much you have, but where you are
currently at in the game:
Just Started Game - You give 30 Link Power
After Dark Phantom Scenario - You give 40 Link Power
After Yeti Blizzard Scenario - You give 50 Link Power
After you get Tribe-On - You give 60 Link Power
After Plesio Surf Scenario - You give 70 Link Power
After Terra Condor Scenario - You give 80 Link Power
After Bermuda Maze Scenario - You give 90 Link Power
After you defeat Le Mu - You give 100 Link Power

Then after that, for every additional mark you get an additional 10 Link Power.
The max Link Power you can give is 150.

Q: I can't find MniGrnde2 or MniGrnde3! It's not in the locations you listed!
Please help!!!

MniGrnde2 and 3 are in Green Mystery Waves, you can run through 20 times
and not get them. Just be patient, you will get them eventually.

Q: Can you post the Wave Command Kit codes?

No, I will not.

Q: Will you please be my Brother?

I already have 6 brothers.

12. Version History [VRH14]

Version 3.0 - 6/22/2009 - Final Version, fixed errors and added small things.
Version 2.0 - 1/09/2009 - Finished HP Memory Locations, added more info.
Version 1.2 - 8/01/2008 - Fixed several mistakes.
Version 1.1 - 7/26/2008 - Finished Battle Card Locations, added more info.
Version 1.0 - 7/25/2008 - Public Release of Guide.
Version 0.5 - 7/21/2008 - Blank Card Locations Complete.
Version 0.4 - 7/20/2008 - Finished Battle Card List.
Version 0.3 - 7/18/2008 - Job/Quests/Missions section complete.
Version 0.2 - 7/18/2008 - Walkthrough is complete, still need Secret Area.
Version 0.1 - 7/12/2008 - Began working on Walkthrough.

13. Legal Information [LINFO]

Copyright 2008 Toby Gamble.

This Walkthrough/FAQ was written for GameFaqs only, however if you want to put
the FAQ on your site, please ask for permission from me first.

If I missed any details on something, or if you think there is something
I should explain better or add, please e-mail me at

Thank You! I hope this guide helped you out!